Grafica News - Feb 2016

Women in Sales & Marketing

Nurdan Ates, Sales & Marketing, Fatih Tekstil**, Istanbul, Turkey

I am a very self motivated person. I have a chemistry degree and this helped me in my profession I consider myself very lucky about it. I have got this job through my sister's connections and I actually could have started working in Siemens instead of it. I cannot speak on behalf of every woman but as a person I am against all discriminations. In business I never cared about men or women differences (so called gender inequalities).

I am influenced by a person who is freely open-minded and knowledgeable. I definitely have more respect to that person who has great ideas and energies in the business. I think the energy creates the business and money.

I have had many difficulties in business. Even in our company once I was told, I laugh so much and my voice was too strong. I sound like a very pedantic woman who talks too much bla bla bla… but seriously I did not care. May be I did take time and could not figure out why they were not enjoying the life as much as I did. I believe that if you don't give up being yourself and they tend to laugh at you back.

I still have to face ego battles; we always fight and then have a cup of tea in the end; never seen a woman like me who is always right and sometimes vice versa. I used to cry a lot for not being totally appreciated for what I do for the company I work for. But then I realised I am more free than anybody else because I am only doing this job because I really love it and good at it.

I love challenges, being active, travelling (I had also recently visited India, and the time to see around Mumbai during my official visit to Grafica Flextronica factory). Here, Istanbul is a very hectic city and I have a very hard work course. In my leisure time I love doing outdoor sports such as trekking, playing tennis, swimming, walking… to bring out my inner voice spiritually. I like joining seminars like breathing practices.

I used to do yoga and that was great and perhaps I should get back to it. I cannot live without music. Ýt's my passion. I love socialising whenever its possible and of course delicious foods / sleep that God has given us as a gift.

**Fatih Tekstil is Grafica's Representative in Turkey for Textile screen printing machines.

Natalya Slobodina, General Manager, Kinto**, Moscow, Russia

What is women empowerment or who is a empowered woman?
Instead of answering this question let me tell you, I feel myself a bit of empowered woman. I was born 56 years ago and raised in Russia and have a higher education. I started my career as one of the heads in the School of Mathematics. Later on I started my own business of manufacturing clothes for children. Then I got interested in Beauty industry and successfully worked in that area. None of these paths had any obstacles for learning new activities and business implementation.

Now, for last 15 years I have been working as a General Manager of Kinto Company. In this direction I got in virtue of big friendship with Artem Nadirashvili, the CEO of the largest printing house in Russia “Midi Print”, a recipient of lots of Awards in Fespa and other international print competitions. I saw a gorgeous printed works made on his production: the real art on textile and plastic, paper and glass - and stayed in the area for many years.

Your views about gender equality or inequality in business:
It is believed that we live in a world ruled by men and women in it, until recently, were ... near home, so to speak. Even the right to vote in elections, women gained a little more than half a century ago – and that were the advanced industrial countries. Female education was also considered unnecessary, and even more, it was different from that received by men. Regarding the global trends of women's participation in business, politics and public life today - it seems to me that their role should occupy an equal position with men in countries where it is approved by culture and religion.

And what is the scenario in Russia?
In Russia there are no problems with career opportunities for women: you only need the desire and love for the chosen cause. In Russia there are a lot of business women, women politicians, etc. They do business on equal terms with men. Again - you just need desire (and, of course, professionalism, as a basis for a career).

How to strike a balance between work at home and office (business)?
To strike a balance between work and home you need to set priorities as clear as possible. For me, the welfare of my family has always been in the first place. On the other hand, I always have the understanding, support and help from my family. If you love your family and love your work – there could be no contradictions between them. This is the balance. I have a loving husband and two adult sons, two grandsons and ... The business that I really love. And when you do things you really love - time is enough for everything!

Your views about screen printing:
I am in love with Screen Printing technology: none of the types of printing border with art as closely as a screen printing! No other technology has such fine opportunities to transfer images to a variety of materials. I think that screen printing has many more hidden features!

Why printing should not be only male dominated as it is today?
Screen printing is a form of art, materialized through high technology. Why is screen printing business dominated by men? It's hard to say… But that is the reality. If you take the % ratio of women and men - famous artists, writers, composers - we see that in these areas there are also very few famous women. Perhaps when the number of women in these areas will increase - in screen printing they will also increase...

Fulya Kaplan, Fuleks Mümessillik, Instanbul, Turkey

Complements to Grafica team:
First, I would like to congratulate Mr.Bhargav about the topic – International Women's Day – highliting women in print. We can not talk about humanity if male and female are not there together in any matter. Any issue which is done ONLY by man or ONLY by woman might have something missing.

India (“Hindistan” in Turkish)! Somewhere more than a country! It is rather a culture that many people in the World are inspired. Many have respect for it, and many other wonder about it. I am one of those who have been inherited by Indian Culture. Here I would like to thank Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi for their contribution.

I would like to emphasize that my family has grown me up by advices and gave me consicious more on my humanity rather than my gender. When I get involved with society more and more and especially when I started being in business life, I realized that my gender has been underlined for some reasons that I was never aware of before.

The best contribution I could ever do for gender equality in my country is to be the one who is doing a job mostly done by men. I wish I could be a good model for my 18 years old daugther.

I and my profession:
I used to be sales-engineer in the company that I worked for 17 years. I used to work as employee for 9 years and employer for 8 years (one of 3 share holders). Later, in 2006 I have established my own Representation Company - Fuleks Mümessillik. I cooperate with Fatih Tekstil (now Grafica's Representative in Turkey) for Saati products. My Company Fuleks represents 3 Chinese companies in Technical Textile, Synthetic yarn spinning, etc.

My first contact with business life was during internship at some textile production plants during my university education at the Faculty of Textile Machinery Engineering, Istanbul Technical University (ITU).

First job interview: Rejected but not dejected!
I had applied for an BUSINESS recruitment advertisement which was not suiting me at all because of the criteria laid down by them. Although it was hard to convince them for an interview (as a female) I got a chance! The company had 2 share-holders. I had interview with one of them (with the young one , around 45 years old). It took around 3 hours mainly because the gentleman was so kind not to hurt me while explaining that the job was not suitable for a female.

At the end of 3-hour interview I was very kindly rejected. While I was leaving the office I came across with the other share-holder (a 64 year old gentleman). He called me for a short interview with me. And after a 15-minute interview, I was finally selected for an employment.

An instrument of change:
I quit the company in 2006. But today I can see that the daughter of the young shareholder leads the business in that company whose father had told me that my gender was not suitable for the job. So I led a big change in the mind of the shareholder; a woman could do this job too. I feel proud that I created an opportunity for another woman and I should say that this is an incredible feeling!

Here, I would like to underline that those 2 gentlemen allowed and helped me a lot to spread my wings to be able to fly in this area by myself. I had real learning challenges from my bosses all the time.

Let's forget gender bias:
As you know, the most famous Chefs are men or vice versa. Some of the fortune 500 companies's CEO's are women. If we start to see more women in previously not seen working areas, it shows us humanity is developing and moving one step further in civilization.

Interest in textile printing:
I have been continously active in Engraving and printing auxilliries and equipments in Textile printing field for 27 years.Textile printing is a branch where the art is transferred on to fabric. And, Art is a way of expressing the feelings and perceptions of natural-human. And, a Chinese textile entrepreneur had told me “textile printing is acomplished by humanskill, devices can only be supportive. If printing is done only by equipments, there would not be soul on it and would not differ from a plain surface.”

Women's responsiblity as a mother:
Any parent (mother or father) who performs the job they love, may get through the diffuculties more easily and come back home with positive energy. That will allow them to look at their kids' eyes as human rather than robot! While growing up a child, the only inevitable and noncompensable aspect is love. Many other missings can be compensated.

Voluntary action:
As a person who has been working voluntairly for kids 0-6 age I can simply judge by the family who grown up the kid just by looking at the eyes of kids.

Self learning:
What revives me is to learn! For that I read a lot and attend the seminars, courses to listen wise and experienced people in the fields that I wonder.
With my love to India

Therese Caza, CEO, TERASCREEN, France, Grafica's exclusive distributor. She is spouse of Michel Caza, an international screen printing guru, Past President of Fespa and ex- Chairman of ASPT, USA who is Recipient of SGIA's Howard Parmele Award. Thérèse was actively associated with Michel Caza's graphics screen printing company Graficaza SA for over three decades. She is also a yoga teacher.

Suraiya (right), w/o Dilawar Dalwai, along with their daughter Reem, Al Mahir Printing Equipment Trading, Sharjah. Al Mahir is Grafica's distributor in UAE. Suraiya is actively associated in Al Mahir's screen printing business (screen printing, materials and equipment trading).

Pamela Encina of Screengraf (Grafica Representative in Chile) with Angel Tapia & Bhargav Mistry, MD, Grafica.

Çiðdem Gür (left) Fatih Tekstil with Owners of Hakan Baský, Istanbul, Turkey

Farhin Sharraf, ColorsWorld** Bengaluru.

Why did you venture into screen printing business?
My dad Mohammed Shafiulla who has 25 years experience in garment industry, always blesses us by saying 'betiya aage bado' (meaning 'daughters, move ahead'). He always encouraged us to pursue studies before joining business. So, I did a course in graphic designing after my graduation and later joined family business of DTG screen printing under the name S.S. Creations. He believes that 'girls should also get equal opportunity' in our society. That is why in our family, all of us – three sisters and four brothers are equally involved in our family business in garment decoration. I could start my own consumables business. We have also set up a demo centre for Grafica Nano- Print plus with Nano-UV and Screen Maker 5-in-1. We have also started offering value addition (spot UV and special effects) on job work basis, at the same time customers can see the performance of the machine.

Who is your role model?
My mom is my role model. I am fortunate to be born in a family where my mother and my grandmother are role models in my business. My mother had to take charge of business responsibility and household work to support my father when he was ill and bed ridden. Even at that time my grand mothers were supporting my mother. Since our childhood we used to get involved in our family business, and at that time it was fun and play. But, we were trained to do both cooking/household work and run the business.

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