Grafica News - Feb 2016

Women entrepreneur... in garment printing

Ms. Philomena, Director, Cotton Blossom India Pvt Ltd, Tirupur

What's your role in your company?
Ours is a family run business. As a Director in my company, my role is Design development and all System implementations.

Share your thoughts about women empowerment:
Women need to be heard and treated equally to strike a balance in decisions and way of life. Empowering them will only create the right balance as men and women were created to be together to strike this balance. If the right opportunity is available, both men and women should be able to do business equally well.

Why did you choose garment industry/printing as your career option?
I always loved clothes and fashion. And, I studied Apparel Manufacturing and fashion designing 20 years ago. Fashion makes the life interesting – it's something one always looks forward to adopt daily. It keeps you busy in thinking to create new products.

How to strike a balance between work at home and office (business)?
Between 9 am and 6pm I am working. After 6pm I leave this behind and get back home. I don't carry my office work to home.

Your views about printing with regard to garments:
Printing (screen and digital) is a technique used to decorate garments/textiles. Screen printing is an interesting and creative field very much viable to add value to garments. Value addition is the buzz word in today's business including garments.

According to you what is missing/lacking in garment printing in India?
India is a country with plenty of creative people. This can be seen all over, be it the Historic caves or the latest of technology that is available here. The missing link would be the full blown showcasing and awareness of the possibilities.

Your views about DMI, importance of education in garment screen printing, etc:
DMI has given Screen printing a different meaning and understanding. DMI should reach out to the Industry to educate and make this available to Fashion Institutions in particular and the garment/textile Industry in general. I believe more women with creative mind should attend the DMI workshops and understand this screen printing technology.

Reet Arora, Director, Bir Horizons, Noida

My view points about women empowerment:
Thanks for honouring 'women in printing field'. Women empowerment is need of the hour. India is still a developing country. Traditionally, men have been walking alone and they allowed women to do only house hold works. It must be understood that women power is the 'half power' of our nation and combining their power with 'men' power can make country more powerful, and no other country would be more powerful than India. Let us give equal opportunity to women.

My views about garment printing and fashion:
As you know my husband Jasbir Singh is totally into garment industry and having an integrated unit of knitting, dyeing, brushing and sueding. Nine months ago, we have also started garment printing. Earlier I was not so keen to work in our family business. But since the day we started garment printing, I find that screen printing is an artistic field and we can use our creativity till infinity. Now I am taking care of screen making and printing department.

Nowadays customers prefer some value addition in garment and screen printing is the first attractive option. Printing can give different theme to a dress in a colourful way. It enhances the beauty of the attire.

Ms. Philomena, Director, Cotton Blossom India Pvt Ltd, Tirupur

Reet Arora, Director, Bir Horizons, Noida

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