Grafica News - Jan 2016

“ There is monetary benefit of automation in screen printing“

Nikhil Ranade explains the benefits of automation based on his personal experience. His company, Shree Enterprises, Pune, produces a wide range of industrial labels to automobile, electrical, electronics and engineering companies in Pune and other parts of Maharashtra state, of course using Grafica′s Nano-Print.

A BA in Psychology and MA in Economics, Nikhil′s whole family consist of academicians and are into service. He got into screen printing as a passion despite initial friendly resistance from his family. Since 1984 he was trading in screen printing materials which he stopped in 2001. He got into screen printing in 1994.

“Frankly speaking, with my experience in dealing in inks and consumables earlier, I can say that it is impossible to print high end industrial stickers and labels with consistent quality by manual screen printing.

On the other hand with automation our business has increased. There are following benefits with automation:

  • Productivity improvement
  • Variables are controlled easily
  • Quality improvement
  • Automation is profitable.

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