Grafica News - Jan 2016

“Nano-prinTex efficiently meets our production and quality requirement, there is no need to depend on costly imported machine”

Rakesh Kumar, Shree Jagdambay Screen Printers, Ludhiana

Based on his experience with Grafica's nano-prinTex, Rakesh Kumar of Shree Jagdambay Screen Printers, Ludhiana, tells that there is no need to buy costly imported automatic DTG screen printing machines. Why? Read on …!

Over to Rakesh Jain:

Your view about nanoprinTex?
I had attended the launch party of nano-prinTex at Grafica's factory few years ago. After attentively listening to a convincing presentation by Bhargav Mistry, and a live demonstration of the nano-prinTex, then and there only I decided to buy their machine.

I appreciate Bhargav and his team in Grafica for indigenously designing such a fabulous textile screen printing machine which has no problem in terms of its speed or quality of print. Commendably, they have improvised their machine since its launch and that shows their technical capabilities.

As a patriot, I felt we should encourage Grafica who designed such a fantastic automatic DTG screen printing machine, thus giving us a right choice over a costly imported machine. While our Prime Minister has a powerful a vision of 'Making in India', why not we then support an innovative company which is making a quality textile screen printing machine in India? I am happy to say that we also enjoyed cost advantage as against the imported machine.

I think 'imported machine' is a mindset fuelled by inferiority /superiority complex; and I believe quality is within your mind, if there is no quality attitude what is the use of investing even in the world's best machine? Never ever my customers ask whether I am printing on an imported machine or Indian machine. They are simply interested in getting quality prints done, and timely delivery with competitive price.

What about performance of nano-prinTex?
The best! With the automatic nano-prinTex, we are able to please our customers with quality prints. Our production has increased tremendously; we deliver jobs on time and customers are now quite satisfied leading to repeat orders.

Grafica's nano-prinTex has simple to use and beneficial features. Our operators enjoy silently working with nano-prinTex since there is no noise. Moreover, as a knowledge-based company, Grafica's extends the best technical support.

What about the speed?
It's good. When it comes to 'speed' and 'quality of print' we do not have anything to complaint. In fact when one machine supplier approached me with a sale gimmick that they have a machine which is faster than Grafica. I told him that we do not have any problem with regard to the speed of nano-prinTex which sufficiently and efficiently meets our production and quality requirement. I asked him 'what is the use of speed if it is beyond the capacity of operators? Because even in an automatic DTG screen printing machine, sufficient lead time is required to load and unload the fabric before and after printing especially when you print special effects/high density, etc on large sizes.

What's your production capacity?
We mainly undertake printing of kids wears. I started off my garment printing unit (900 sq.ft) in 1994 with 4 manual printing tables with a capacity to print 300- 400 pc per day. Today, our 7000 sq.ft production facility houses one Grafica automatic DTG screen printing machine - nano-prinTex (8 color/12 pallet), complete screen making set up, 5 manual screen printing machines and 15 long manual printing tables (for cut piece and roll to roll fabric printing). In all we have a capacity to print around 2000 pcs per day. In all now we have a production capacity of 3000-5000 pieces per day or more depending on no. of colors. We have wider choice for our customers when it comes to garment decoration. Today the trend is that 80-90% of the jobs have mix of screen printing and embroidery. Since we have computerized embroidery facility, it's an advantage to our customers. We undertake -Spot color jobs upto 6 colors, CMYK/photoprint, High density/special effects, and Embroidery/print combo. We also undertake Roll to roll screen printing - all over.

Who's your mentor?
In my quest for knowledge in garment printing, I found a mentorship in Rakesh Jain of Ambi Hosiery who motivated me in various aspects such as color of fabric, fundamentals of garment printing and use of design elements, spot colors/CMYK, depth of printing. He guided me about the management aspect of running a factory. I am proud to say that today my own Mentor is my customer.

What's your Success mantra?

  • We believe in team work. I do not believe in working all alone, and instead I delegate right work to right staff as per their skill.
  • My principle is to work with intelligence and not to work hard as 'working hard' is harmful. We do not believe in doing so many designs or samples for one job. We tell our team to focus and hit the target at the very first attempt itself as otherwise it will be a waste of time and energy. We believe in the concept: “No time for 'try again' and 'finish it in the very first attempt'.
  • We also believe in maximum work in minimum time & 'relax and enjoy work' with 'cool mind.'

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