Grafica News - Jan 2016

Unbelievable! Grafica team produces digital like quality prints by screen printing at GarKnit-X expo in Kolkata

There was virtually unmanageable visitors flow to Grafica's stall at the GarKnit-Expo held on 8-10 January 2016 in Kolkata. Grafica was the only company to hold live demo of direct to garment (DTG) screen printing machine − nanoprinTex, (8 color/12 pallet).

Scores of visitors cheered as Grafica team produced digital like quality prints by screen printing.

“Unbelievable,” yelled many of the visitors who thrillingly moved around the machine as live demo of screen printing CMYK and special effects on white garments was in progress. Two glamorous designs were printed using stochastic dot technology. A number of professionals were curious to know the technique of dot less halftone screen printing.

Stunning digital like quality samples produced in DMI's past DTG screen printing workshop, were put on display. Several knowledge and technology seeking entrepreneurs virtually surrounded the Grafica's team of experts, and Nilesh Enterprises (Kolkata Representative).

Grafica had also pictorially displayed its entire range of textile screen printing machinery and allied products. The Kyo series DTG digital printing machine of Aeoon Technologies, Austria, represented in India by Grafica, was also pictorially displayed.

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