Grafica News - Jan 2016

With Nano-Print plus Chiqra Screens offers quality industrial labels & stickers

Puducherry based Chiqra Screens offers industrial screen printing which include: membrane switches, control panels, facias, key pads, polycarbonate/ vinyl/ polyester stickers, Dome labels, tamper proof stickers, production application labels, silver void stickers, paper stickers, flier, user manuals and brochures, etc. for IThardware, electrical and electronic industry.

Established in 1996, Chiqra Screens was initially offering commercial printing service. Later they diversified into industrial screen printing. Their 11000 sq.ft production facility houses Grafica's Nano-Print plus, Nano-UV, Nano- Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano- Sharpener, thus making it a screen printing firm with complete inhouse set up. They also have all other equipment and machinery required for production of industrial labels and stickers.

“We are a 'Green Channel Supplier for many IT-Hardware manufacturing company, that means our products (stickers and labels) are supposed to be 100% accurate and taken into production without checking. And we have inhouse QC system to ensure supply of 100% accuracy products to customers,” says Abubucker J. “This was possible only after we embarked on automation in screen printing. Earlier we had three manual tables; not only production was slow but rejection and wastage was huge. Now with automation not only we are able to offer quality products but also undertake multi colour jobs easily.”

He says that Grafica's screen printing machine and allied equipment are easy to operate with superior performance. “Moreover, we are greatly benefited from their technical support. I was fortunate to attend DMI's workshop where I learnt correct method of screen making including exposing, advantages of UV ink vs solvent ink; and how to achieve registration accuracy in screen printing. In industrial screen printing is all about quality and accuracy. It requires proper knowledge. So, DMI is a great knowledge-sharing initiative of Grafica. In the last two decades I never came across such an institution in India that offers advanced screen printing process,” he concludes.

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