Grafica News - July 2016

Nano-Print plus Auto, takes off with 15 orders

Barely two months after its launch in Mumbai on 6th May 2016, the Nano-Print plus Auto, has received overwhelming response with over 15 orders till date. It's because Nano-Print plus Auto, with auto take-off system, considerably reduces extra labour required to pickup printed material.

Nano-Print plus Auto
Max print area: 22” x 28” (559 mm x 711 mm).
(Print upto 3 mm thickness (rigid substrates such as PVC, acrylic, sunboard, sunpack, etc).

Key features:

  1. Advanced auto take-off system reduces extra labour required to pickup printed material
  2. Powerful gripper.
  3. Pneumatic squeegee pressure equalizer obtains perfect registration and consistent color reproduction with even ink deposition all over the image area.
  4. Pneumatic squeegee pressure regulator with pressure gauge to set optimum pressure for perfect registration and job repetition accuracy thus minimizes squeegee wear and tear.
  5. Quick and easy tool free squeegee / flood bar clamping and removing mechanism.
  6. Adjustable tool free squeegee angle setting mechanism.
  7. User-friendly touch screen control panel
  8. Single phase
  9. Adjustable screen frame holder
  10. Variable printing stroke length
  11. Single/Double stroke selection
  12. Parallel screen frame movement (Convenient for spot UV varnish and low viscosity inks to avoid ink spillage all over the screen)
  13. Peel off mechanism (To achieve fine reproduction of halftone dots, avoid smudging, bleeding and smearing)
  14. Vacuum by foot (to register on curly and unstable paper/ substrates accurately and easily).

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