Grafica News - Mar 2016

Packson Cycle Industries, Ludhiana

Packson Cycle Industries is a manufacturer of bicycle saddles (seats) and other parts, with over 40 years presence in the field. The company was into trading activity in bicycle parts, and they later they started manufacturing saddles which are supplied all over India, besides 30% export. Their 1000 sq.yard production facility in Ludhiana also houses an inhouse screen printing unit with Grafica Nano-Print. Talking about the growing demands for designer seat covers, Akshay Gupta, Director of the company says: “Earlier there used to be plain seat covers, now the demand is growing for printed seat covers (30-40%). Because with printed seat covers, overall the bicycle looks more attractive especially to kids.”

He concludes, “The challenge is to make continuously new designs. Almost every 3-4 months we have to change the design. We make designs inhouse since we know the market pulse. The job involves 10- 12 color printing on PVC hence screen printing is the best option. And with automation in place, there is no registration problem. So, for us screen printing is vital in our production process.”

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