Grafica News - Mar 2016

Vinayaka Creatives, Bengaluru

Vinayaka Creatives is an offshoot of Vinayaka Electronics, an electrical AMC/ maintenance service firm, owned by Lakshman, an electronics engineer. With this engineering background, his company is in an advantageous position to produce and supply keypads, membrane switches, auto dials and decals, industrial gauges, product application labels and stickers, dome labels. And now the company has also set its foot on footwear printing. The company has invested in Grafica's Nano-Print plus, Nano- UV, Nano-Screen Maker to print diverse jobs involving use of various non-paper substrates such as PVC, specialty paper, polyester, polycarbonate, vinyl etc. The company caters to electrical and electronics, automobile, lab equipment/scientific equipment manufacturer, white goods, corporate branding.

“Industrial screen printing necessitates the use of advanced screen printing technology to deliver superior quality products with sharp and crisp printing, registration accuracy. We use UV technology to give fine finish of matt to gloss on industrial labels and stickers,” says Govinndan R, Production incharge at Vinayaka Creatives.

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