Grafica News - May 2016

Salutes to the winners of 'Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur In Screen Printing' Award-2016

Mrs. NEEMA L. MAHAJAN, Parampara Cards, New Delhi

Mrs. RENUKA S. ROY, R. G. Printers, Kolkatta (The award was received by her son Arindan)

Mrs. VANDANA P. KHAKE, Unique Labels (P) Ltd., Pune;

The awards were presented to these women during the SPI Awards Nite on 6th May 2016 in Mumbai by Neha Mistry, Director, Grafica Flextronica, Mumbai. In 2014 SCREEN PRINT INDIA had instituted an Award of Excellence titled “Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur In Screen Printing”, to recognise the all-round achievement of women in screen printing! There were 15 entries from all over India. The award was sponsored by DMI Institute, an Industry initiative of Grafica Flextronica. Commenting on the occasion, Neha Mistry said, “It is worth noting that more and more women entrepreneurs are taking up screen printing which was hitherto male dominated business. I congratulate the winners and appreciate for their keen interest and courage to work in screen printing field.”

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