Grafica News - November 2016

Why do digital print solution providers invest in advanced screen printing technology?

Because… “Screen printing process is the cost effective way to print advertising display boards on rigid substrates”

Screen printing process is now a most preferred choice for graphics printing vis-a-vis to print advertising and promotional display boards on rigid substrates such as tin, sunpack, sunboard, acrylic, PVC, et al. That is why many offset and/or digital print solution providers are also investing in screen printing technology. These jobs are requisitioned by a wide spectrum of print buyers in education, agriculture, electronics and home appliances, garments, footwear, real estate, banking, healthcare, telecommunication, among many others.

In the following pages, Grafica News India unfolds some of the recent entrants in graphics screen printing.

Grafica Flextronica screen printing machines are used by a number of printers all over India and abroad. The machines include: CamShell, semi automatic screen printing machine, available in 20”x 30”, 30”x 40” and 40” x 60”. While these machines are used for wide format graphics screen printing by medium and big printers, smaller print firms use Grafica Nano-Print plus for jobs upto 22” x 28”. Moreover, Grafica's complete screen making set up is being employed by these printers. The machine range include: Pneumatic fabric stretching equipment, Automatic Emulsion Coating machine, Screen Dryer, Screen Exposing unit and also Backlit screen washing booth. Grafica Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 is being used by smaller print firms who use Nano-Print plus for graphics screen printing.

Divya Digital Press, Thiruvananthapuram Screen/Digital/Offset Printing

As the name suggests, Divya Digital Press is a digital printing service provider in south Kerala. However, to meet the diverse needs of the customers, the company has forayed into screen printing.

Divya Digital Press is a sister concern of Beety Offset Printers which has a large printing facility spread over 4000 sq.ft. With advanced screen printing set up from Grafica, Divya Digital Press supplies sign boards (screen printed on sunpack/sunboard) to Educational institutes, hotels, food and beverage companies, jewelry / automobile shops, garments / medical sports, health & fitness spa, temples festivals & religious events, bore well drilling companies, et al. Additionally, the company offers value addition (spot UV/special effects), wedding cards, non woven bags, t-shirts, etc.

“We bought Nano-Print plus after watching a convincing live demo at a leading exhibition. However, we had also taken trials of multi color jobs and UV special effects printing at other machine manufacturers, but Grafica found to be the best,” says Rakesh T.S.

“Grafica is known for their prompt after sales and technical support. We received 4 days onsite training with regard to graphics screen printing and value addition,” says Divya Priyadrashini, Proprietor of Divya Digital Press, who joined her husband's (Rakesh) printing business after marriage.

“I had the fortune of attending DMI's workshop where I learnt the 'quality culture' in screen printing. Since we are majorly into graphics screen printing lot of doubts and concepts related to color management were cleared,” concludes Rakesh.

A.R. Enterprise, Kolkata Screen/Digital/Offset Printing

As a wide format print solution provider with four digital presses, why did A.R. Enterprise invest in Grafica's advanced screen printing technology? Read an interesting story of digital/screen printing 'jugalbandi' (fusion) in Kolkata.

Established in 2005, A.R. Enterprise has two production units, 7000 sq.ft and 9000 sq.ft, respectively. The company's digital set up can roll out 5 ft to 10 ft prints. Besides they have all necessary cutting, finishing, fabrication, storage, and logistics facilities. The company caters to around 15 big corporate and MNCs, engaged in entertainment, electronics and home appliances, food and beverages, leading mobile companies, cigarette companies, amusement parks, et al.

Atikur Rahaman, the sole Proprietor A.R. Enterprise, began his journey in 1983. He used to make hand painted advertising sign boards, glow signs, display boards for a variety of industries.

As a digital player why did you foray into screen printing?

Screen printing was a necessity arised out of the diverse needs of our customers. As compared to digital, screen printing is cost effective for certain rigid substrates involving mass production such as sunpack and sunboard advertising display boards. For e.g. we print display boards/wall signs in different sizes upto 22” x 28” on screen printing machine. However, the same job can be printed on a flatbed digital press which is 20% costlier than screen printing. Also, there is a production issue with regard to flat bed digital. For e.g. On 22” x 28” screen printing machine we can directly print a job of that size or even less, say 1.5 x 1.5 ft. Printing such small jobs on flatbed is not appropriate as we have to print bigger sheets of sunpack or sunboard and then cut which is again an extra work, adding further costs. Moreover, digital printing on vinyl and pasting it on sunboard or sunpack is again a tedious work. So after all evaluation we opted for screen printing.

Why did you adopt automation?
We had manual screen printing set up. However, after visiting many printing exhibitions in Kolkata and New Delhi where we had the opportunity of watching live demo of Grafica's advanced screen printing machines. I also got the glimpses of stunning graphics/halftone printing samples unbelievably screen printed on rigid substrates. Back in factory, we realized that the quality of our jobs done with manual screen printing was far inferior. Moreover, as compared to the speed of screen printing machines, the production was also slow in manual system especially when you have to print bigger size halftone jobs. Also, there used to be huge wastage of jobs due to rejections.

So, we felt the need to go for automation and invested in Grafica's complete screen printing kit comprising Nano-Print plus (22” x 28”), Nano-UV, Nano- Sharpener and Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1.

Tell us about your experience with Grafica:
I was inspired to go for automation after seeing their DMI institute's graphics samples, screen printed on modern day rigid substrates such as sunpack, sunboard, MDF, acrylic, metal, PVC, etc. Even they guided me on how to neatly and conveniently lay down the screen printing unit (see photograph). Since we had manual screen printing set up, we received all guidance from Grafica with regard to automation and use of quality inks and chemicals. Because my purpose of investing in advanced screen printing was to deliver superior quality graphics printing than what I used to get on manual screen printing.

What are your strengths?
Our USP is that we offer complete turnkey solutions, right from printing (in some cases designing as well), cutting, finishing, fabrication, transport and installation at site, etc. And now we have added screen printing as well which enables us to offer superior quality yet cost effective signage solutions. Also, to keep pace with the changing times in outdoor advertising, we also offer LED signage.

Although we are based in Kolkata, we have to execute our customers' jobs that involve onsite installation of outdoor advertising in states such as West Bengal, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand states. And of course, we have over three decades of experience in signage that includes two decades of expertise in wide format digital printing for outdoor/indoor advertising. That is why most of our customers giving us repeat orders regularly.

How is the market? Market for digital printing is not growing much for the last few years. However, because of our strength and capabilities, our business is steady. There is about 50% growth in our LED business with good profit margin, whereas our digital printing business is just steady.

Agarwal Offset Printers, Asansol Screen/Digital/Offset Printing

Established in1997, Agarwal Offset Printers, Asansol, is truly a one stop print service provider with full fledged offset, digital, advanced screen printing units spread over 2700 sqft and 3500 sq.ft. production base. The company has also a separate business which prints and supplies Computer stationery to railways and LIC.

Their screen printing department has Grafica Nano-Print plus and complete screen making set up called Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1. They undertake printing of advertising display boards on sunpack and sunboard, wedding cards and such jobs which cannot be printed by any other printing process.

The company offers a wide gamut of printing service such as UV lamination, t-shirts and heat transfers, flex, banners (roll to roll), wide format printing for indoor/outdoor advertising (upto 10 ft), ID cards, corporate gifts & stationery, screen printed advertising display boards, offset printing, etc. Besides, the company also undertakes designing, printing, finishing, fabrication and onsite erection.

Screen printed Sunpack display boards are requisitioned by Ice cream parlors, food and beverage companies, mobile operators, corporate, educational institutes, banks, cement companies and even often government agencies – all located in Dhanbad, Asansol, Durgaur, Jharkhand, and other cities and towns.

Agarwal Offset Printers is a family managed firm founded by Jagadish Agarwal who is a multi dimensional entrepreneur with engineering background. Now his two sons - Niten Agarwal and

Rahul Agarwal - have stepped in to overseas their wide spectrum of printing business.

“Our strategy from the very beginning (1997) was to become number one print solution provider in Asansol and that is why we have invested in multi technology print processes (our USP!). As a result we never say 'No' and accept any type of printing jobs,” says Niten Agarwal who is an BE (electronics).

Grafica connection:
“We started receiving Grafica News regularly following our visit to their stall at an expo in Kolkata. By reading this magazine, we came to know about the new concepts of value addition, and graphics screen printing, and creative wedding cards printing,” says Niten.

“Our confidence with Grafica brand is such that without visiting their factory we ordered for their screen printing machine. To our surprise not only the machine was fantastic, but also we received immense onsite training from their team. It was indeed a tremendous contribution of Grafica,” he concludes.

Jai Creations, Dharmapuri

Jai Creations is primarily engaged in screen printing outdoor advertising display boards on Sunpack. These screen printed (halftone/spot color) display boards are supplied to educational institutes, banks, automobile showrooms, mobile and garment shops, et al, for their outdoor advertising needs.

The company also prints and supplies non-woven / cloth bags to educational institutes, temples, shops (mobile, garment, jewelry, etc). These bags are screen printed in the size of 9” x 11” to 18” x 15”.

“We make 5-6000 bags per wedding. We also make special stationery kit bags for schools and colleges (25000-30000 bags) during April-May season. We cater to 15 schools and colleges who use these bags to fill books and stationery which are handed over to students during admission,” says V. Jaiganesh, proprietor of the company.

“I had two manual screen printing tables which were replaced by Grafica Nano-Print plus. My staff used to get tired of pulling and pushing the squeegee by hand as we had larger size sunpack board to print. The benefit of automation is such that my business has also increased by 50%,” he reveals.

“I am fully satisfied with the Grafica's screen printing machine. And, even if we are in remote place, service is not a deterrent factor when it is needed the most,” he concludes.

Raju Screen Printer, Gudiyatham

D Prem Raju, proprietor of Raju Screen Printer, Gudiyatham (Tamil Nadu) is a print professional with vast experience in graphics screen printing for over two decades. Nurtured by his dad B.V. Damodaran, Raju has been personally printing tin boards, cloth banners since 1999. The company has their 6000 sq.ft print factory at Gudiyatham.

“After my study I joined my father's printing business. He used to work in textile screen printing. We used to print tin boards of 4 x 4 and 5 x 3 feet size for tobacco and snuff dealer shops”, recalls Prem Raju.

In the 1970s Raju Screen Printer used to supply cloth banners to big corporate such as Johnson & Johnson, Hindustan Lever (now called Hindustan Unilever), Godrej and other big FMCGs. “I used to make 6 x 2 ft / 27” x 36” banners. Once I had supplied one lakh halftone banners for HUL /Lakme campaign.

“With Grafica Camshell, we print sunpack boards regularly (both halftone and spot colors). These display boards are supplied to companies engaged in Mobile, Food and Beverage, Cement, Pharma, Financial /Banking in the state of Tamil Nadu.

“After started using Grafica 20” x 30” Camshell, I never think of any other screen printing machines. Their Camshell is such a fantastic screen printing machine for printing advertising display boards on rigid substrates,” says Raju.

After marriage, his better half, Sudha joined the business. She takes personal interest in screen printing and administration

“We are satisfied with Grafica after sales service. We both of us are enjoying screen printing on

Dwaragamai Screen, Chennai

Chennai based Dwaragamai Screen has invested in Grafica CamShell (30” x 40”), a semi automatic screen printing machine, to print advertising display boards on rigid substrates such as sunpack, tin sheets, sunboard. They also print cloth / satin banners and flags.

“About 30% of the orders are cut color jobs and the remaining are halftone prints with sizes ranging from 1 x 1 ft (min) to 2 ft x 3 ft (max),” says M.S. Rengan, proprietor of Dwaragamai Screen,

They print cloth banners (8 x 3 ft) which are supplied to customers in major cities of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Gujarat. Similarly, Sunpack display boards are supplied to customers in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. “Majority of the customers are from Real Estate, Education sector, Banks and Financial Institutions, Political parties, malls, stores, shops, jewelry, garments, electronics shops, et al,” says Rengan.

Grafica connection:
“While searching on the internet we found Grafica's name prominently appearing on top.

Besides this confidence, we also enquired among the industry friends who gave fairly good opinion about Grafica. We had also evaluated other local machines which were found out to be inferior. We would have been in trouble had we bought these cheaper machines to save money. After we bought Grafica machine, a local manufacturer also approached us to buy their machine. We straight away showed them the door, because for us Grafica was already a trusted brand,” says Rengan.

He adds: “We are completely satisfied with Grafica machine and their after sales service. I would say the cost of Grafica machine is perfect and reasonable in line with the quality of their machine and performance. Camshell is technically sound machine for halftone printing on sunpack as it gives accurate registration.”

DMI experience:
“Along with our operator I had attended DMI's workshop on advanced screen printing with special focus on graphics and value addition. DMI is a complete package to learn advanced screen printing. DMI is the only institute where I could learn the screen printing technology perfectly. We had problems in graphics screen printing (multi color printing on sunpack). In halftone printing, we encountered darkening problems mainly in magenta and cyan. We used to face dot gain and moiré problem. Once for all, I could find root causes and solutions to all these problems. I also learnt how to set the image resolution and LPI percentage and new FM screening for moiré free printing. File handling, color separation for halftone/CMYK, screen making for halftone printing, mesh type, tips to reduce ink consumption, perfect registration while printing CMYK, benefits of UV, are other important lessons that I learnt in DMI workshop” says Balamurali.

Shree Moon Graphics, Erode
Screen/Digital Printing

Shree Moon Graphics is a digital and screen printing service provider in Erode with three lines of printing businesses - vinyl stickers, flex printing, and graphics screen printing.

V. Annamalai, proprietor of Shree Moon Graphics has been in the printing business for over 25 years with special focus on indoor/outdoor advertising. Taking benefit of his graphic designing skills, he started off his own printing business in a 160 sq.ft space. “As a hand paint artist, I used to make banners and advertising display boards,” he recalls. Now his 1300 sq.ft x 5 floors factory houses 2 wide format Digital presses (print upto 10 ft), an Inkjet printer for small quantity jobs, Stickers, indoor advertising.

The company prints and supplies outdoor advertising display boards to education sector, textile, hospitals, engineering, automobile sectors in Tamil Nadu and Kerala states.

“As a digital print solution provider, I would still say that Screen printing process is an important part of our business when it comes to printing outdoor advertising display boards. Because it has good outdoor durability; it is economical too when it comes to large quantity,” says Annamalai.

“Before buying Grafica machine, I had other screen printing machines which we disposed off due to its troublesome and pathetic performance. On the other hand, Grafica Nano Print plus is a nonproblematic machine. It is a production oriented machine and perfect for multi color screen printing on sunpack sheets,” he concludes.

Adzone Printers, Alappuzha
Screen/Digital/Offset Printing

Deepu P., proprietor of Adzone Printers in south Kerala explains why he decided to invest in advanced screen printing technology in addition to the digital and offset printing set up which he started about 10 years ago.

Their offset unit prints tags for coir industry, and all the advertising jobs such as flex/ banners are undertaken by their digital printing unit. “We had to invest in screen printing as certain jobs could not be printed by digital and offset printing process,” says Deepu.

So, the company has invested in Grafica's Nano-Print plus and complete screen making set up (Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1). Besides screen printing machine, their 2500 sq.ft printing unit houses 3 single color offset, complete post press equipment, a digital press and a wedding card show room.

“Grafica's screen printing machine is mainly used to print advertising display boards on sunpack. Spare capacity is used to print wedding cards, non woven and paper bags for shops, and transparent stickers for coir industry. We print 2 x 2 ft and 1 x 1.5 ft sign boards. These are cut color jobs meant for big shops, malls, finance companies, educational institutes,” says Deepu.

“Grafica team rendered complete onsite training. And distance no bar as far as after sales service is concerned,” he concludes.

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