Grafica News - November 2016

Fashion Print Tex, Bengaluru trusts Grafica's DTG screen printing machine

There are a growing number of garment printers/garment manufacturers all over the world who now prefer Grafica's Direct to Garment (DTG) screen printing machines. A point in case is the Fashion PRINT TEX, Bengaluru, part of the Next Fashion Apparels Group, who have installed Grafica DTG screen printing machine (8 col/12 pallet).

They have also installed Grafica flashTex (an intelligent flash curing system) and complete screen making system – Nano- Screen Maker 5-in-1 and a separate stretching unit.

Fashion Print Tex is a manufacturer of garments such as T-shirts for domestic market with their 7000 sq.ft factory based in Bengaluru. They had 5 manual screen printing machines, housed separately at their 6000 sq.ft production facility.

Apart from catering to NF Apparels (25% of capacity), Fashion Print Tex also undertakes DTG screen printing service on job work basis, catering to export oriented garment units (75% ). The company prints about 130,000 pieces of garments per month.

“In garment printing, quality comes first. Timely delivery and competitive price are other crucial demands of customers. If we are able to meet these demands, then we get repeat orders. We cannot meet such stringent demands of customers without a quality automatic machine, screen making set up and right technical knowledge,” says Guruprasad one of the partners of Fashion Print Tex.

He continues: “In manual screen printing, obtaining sharpness was almost difficult. And we had to be always behind workmen to check quality of print and remove rejections. On the other hand, Grafica DTG screen printing machine delivers consistent quality without requiring much of supervision and quality checking.”

Guruprasad adds, “We realised that mere automatic machine can't improve quality of print without having an inhouse screen making set up. With manual screen making method, we were not able to open fine dots and halftone/CMYK printing was quite difficult. Now with Grafica's excellent screen making system, we are able to create right input (stencil) and easily deliver quality output (halftone prints).”

He concludes: “The advantage with Grafica is that they offer complete package – technology and technical knowhow.”

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