Grafica News - October 2016

Grafica's DTG screen printing machines receive repeat export orders from Congo

Grafica has been receiving repeated export orders from XL Media, DR Congo (Africa) for its DTG screen printing machines and Nano-series screen printing set up.

XL Media's main business is screen and digital printing. Their Screen printing set up has 2 Grafica DTG screen printing machines, 1 nano-prinTag (for sleeve printing), 2 Nano-Print plus, Mini-Camshell, 1 Nano-Print, IR dryer and complete screen making set up which include: screen exposing, screen dryer, emulsion coating machine. In all the company has built up a huge garment printing capacity.

At the centre of XL Media's screen printing activity is Hemant Bhavsar, General Manager. He hails from Valsad, Gujarat (India). After working for over 10 years in India (in screen printing) he migrated to Congo, Africa. There he was involved in setting up XL Media. His entire family is now settled in there.

Down memory lane, he recalls: “I have been involved in screen printing from 1987-1997 at Vapi, India. I was having my own screen printing unit to render print services to electrical and home appliances companies (Switchboard, mixer grinders, etc). I used to print directly on these products.”

XL Media employs about 115 people with a production facilities spreading over 5000 sq.m. They also have large format digital and flat bed digital presses to print jobs such as bill boards, hoarding, etc, with a size ranging from 1.37 m upto 3.2 meter. “We print on rigid substrates such as corex material, soft boards and other specialised substrates for outdoor signage.”

The company offers direct to garment (DTG) printing, heat transfer printing, commercial and graphics screen printing, industrial screen printing. Rather than rendering mere job work, XL Media sources t-shirts and delivers to customers duly printed upto 5-6 colors as per customers' design requirement.

Recalling his rendezvous with Grafica, Hemant Bhavsar says: “Somewhere in 1991-92 I had visited Grafica's factory to buy their machine, Mini Camshell, and complete screen making set up and IR dryer for heat transfer printing applications. Technically speaking their Mini Camshell never stopped in 10 years. I am amazed with the kind of quality of Grafica screen printing machine.”

“And now we are satisfactorily using host of their textile screen printing machines since 2011. The performance of their first machine was marvelous and that is why we bought 2 more DTG screen printing machines.”

On service front Hemant Bhavsar says: “We are based in central Africa, but there were no problematic issues even if we have so many machines from Grafica. We are satisfied with Grafica in all respects. They offer full after sales service and technical back up. Minor problems do come which are resolved telephonically. Rarely there was any major problem. Whenever their engineer visits here for installation etc, we make sure they do all pre maintenance service.”

He adds: “I myself and 3 of my staff underwent hands on training at DMI. Our operator was not familiar with Grafica machines. So coming all the way from Congo helped us to get to know more about screen printing machines as well as all technical parameters to be followed in screen making and printing.”

The Indian feeling: “In almost ten years Grafica never failed. What a better feeling I can express than my 100% satisfaction about an Indian company! That's why in our business circle here in Congo I recommend Grafica. Also, whenever I meet my industry friends in India I refer them to Grafica,” he concludes.

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