Grafica News - October 2016

Surarchit Printpack offers value addition to please its corporate clients

Bangalore based Surarchit Printpack Pvt Ltd has invested in Grafica Nano-Print plus to offer value added commercial and packaging print service to leading corporate print buyers.

“The demand for packaging is growing and our 60-70% jobs are packaging. Value added packaging has a greater part to play in influencing the end consumers,” says Anil Kulkarni, Director, Surarchit Printpack. “I got an opportunity to upgrade knowledge in value addition and advanced screen printing during 3 day Workshop at DMI. The knowledge will go a long way in improving quality of our products and offer innovative products to customers.”

He adds: “Our customers want value for their money in the form of innovation and creativity, a feel good factor that lasts long in their memory,” says Kulkarni who is a designer and print technology professional.
He concludes: “In this area there is not much competition as against the normal offset commercial printing where margin is less.

Although many commercial printers report of slowdown in printing business, we have no problem due to our custom made / product based printing with value addition. I feel future of printing lies in value addition, use of UV special effects intelligently by innovatively blending design elements.”

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