Grafica News - September 2016

GMJ Enterprises raises DTG screen printing capacity to 20000 t-shirts per day

With 3 Grafica Direct-to-Garment screen printing machines, Kolkata based GMJ Enterprises is making rapid progress in garment printing and their print capacity has crossed 20000 t-shirts/day. The company is now planning to buy 4th machine from Grafica to further increase its printing capacity. Yusuf Ali, proprietor of GMJ Enterprises shares his company’s success:


Tell us your growth story:
Greatly inspired by my close industry friend, I decided to seize the big opportunities in garment screen printing. It took me just two days to decide on buying Grafica machine. I bought Grafica's first automatic direct to garment screen printing machine upon a strong recommendation from the same friend who also had a couple of semi automatic screen printing machines to print heat transfers. Satisfied with the very first machine, I bought second machine and then followed it up with third machine – all within one year. With these three machines, our garment printing capacity has crossed approx 20000 t-shirts per day.

Grafica connection:
I gained business confidence thanks to Grafica's technical support. We invested in Grafica machine with so much of trust and expectation since we ventured into a new business. Grafica team equally responded with excellent technical guidance and support. We were satisfied with the performance of their machine too.

We preferred brand Grafica because of

  • Price advantage
  • No drawback in their machine
  • Excellent quality output and performance
  • Advantage of technical support from a knowledge based company which also runs an institute called DMI where our staff can undergo hands on training whenever needed.

What's your USP?
Within a short period we have earned a reputation in the market and as a result our printing unit is full of orders. Perhaps we are one of the few garment printing companies who run their printing units in two shifts.

Our capabilities are:

  1. Huge production capacity with big infrastructure. We have following DTG garment screen printing machines from Grafica:
    8 col / 12 pallet
    8 col/ 12 pallet
    8 col/ 14 pallet
  2. Capabilities in CMYK/halftone photo realistic printing on garments (water based inks)
  3. All over printing facility
  4. Spot color printing
  5. Wider choice of creative designs produced inhouse (Own design 90% and rest by customers.)
  6. Appealing quality prints with soft feel touch and color brightness, and use of best quality inks and other materials.

What is your strategy?
We want to be the No.1 garment printing company in Kolkata. Our success so far is such that we now receive repeat orders and our customers' base is spreading.

About GMJ Enterprise:
GMJ Enterprise undertakes garment screen printing service on job work and computerised embroidery work for men, women and kids' wear (including new born baby garments). The company's original business was saree printing which they still continue with a large manual set up. The company's 12000 sq.ft production facility has garment printing set up, computerized embroidery unit (4 machines), stitching units (12 machines). In all around 100 people are working in the company.

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