Grafica News - April 2017

Creative Edge 'fields' 7 screen printing machines to 'match' the growing demand of industrial stickers & labels

To match the growing demand of industrial labels and stickers, including decals for cricket bats and hockey sticks, Jalandhar based Creative Edge has fielded as many as seven (7) semi automatic screen printing machines from Grafica.

Creative Edge has the following screen printing machines from Grafica:
*Nano-Print plus – 4 *Two-Post Pillar – 2 *Nano-Print – 1 *Complete Screen making set up (exposing and pneumatic fabric stretching equipment)

Creative Edge was established in 2002 by Pankaj Sharma and his younger brother Pradip Sharma. They took inspiration from their father-mentor, Suraj Sharma, a veteran screen printer with expertise in sports goods decals printing since 1970s. Keeping in mind their future plans, on 15th August 2016 they shifted to a much bigger factory having 16000 sq.ft.

Creative Edge manufactures and supplies a wide range of decals to sports goods industry in Jalandhar, mainly cricket bats and hockey sticks. It also manufactures water transfer decals for sports helmets, stickers for foot wears, facia panels for home appliances, electronics goods, weighing scales, instrumentation, medical electronics, et al. They have also diversified into membrane switches, graphic overlays. These are printed on special substrates such as polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, vinyl, metal, etc.

“Now we work for only branded companies and since our customers are satisfied with our quality we receive repeat orders. We supply our products all over India besides export of bat stickers to UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa,” says Pankaj.

Reasons for buying only Grafica screen printing machines:

We started gaining confidence in brand Grafica from the very beginning merely because of their fantastic machine (Nano-Print), backed by their prompt after sales service and technical guidance. Since then we never had to look for any other brands whenever we wanted to make new investment. When you use so many machines we also needed proper knowledge to get quality output. So, we had also attended DMI's workshop where we gained lot of knowledge to fine tune quality of our decals and to increase overall efficiency in productivity.

Impact of automation: Before buying Grafica's first screen printing machine in 2009, viz, Nano-Print, we had a large manual screen printing set up with 12 vacuum tables. With automation, vis-à-vis Grafica machines, our

  • Quality enhanced
  • Productivity improved
  • Less manpower requirement
  • Overall growth, based on the above.
  • Volume increased
  • Customer base increased

Benefits of attending DMI workshop:
Great knowledge apart, DMI workshop inspired us to go for automation. During the practical sessions of the workshop, we could see the quality difference and realized the great benefits of automation. We have also implemented some of the techniques and tips that we learnt in DMI workshop, resulting in dramatic changes in our print quality.

Tell us about importance of advanced Screen Making:
After replacing all manual tables with Grafica screen printing machines, we had already improved quality. However, there was still scope for improvement which required advanced screen making system. So, we bought Grafica's advanced screen making set up to make perfect screens.

Secret behind your success:
Our continued success is due to the fact that we have a 'creative edge' in decal designing and printing. Our strategy to succeed in business is:

  • Quality products with competitive price.
  • Follow the mantra of 'Keep Learning / Keep Improving'
  • Visit to national and international expo to get new ideas and to see new technology.
  • Attend workshops/seminars to update knowledge
  • New technology adoption (machinery and materials).
  • Take risk / experiment / R&D.
  • New product development/innovation.
  • Explore/seize new opportunities within the industrial screen printing sector.

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