Grafica News - August 2017

With 3 Camshells, Retail Junction retains its trust in brand Grafica

Retain Junction, Landmark Outdoor Media Services, wide format screen printing, wide format digital printing

New Delhi based Retail Junction boasts of an edge in the wide format printing, by strategically investing in world’s best screen and digital printing technology, Grafica. Backed by a group of advertising and media professionals, Retail Junction offers, end to end printing solutions for indoor/outdoor use, starting from conceptualization to designing to printing and site installations.

Retail Junction’s 45000 sq ft facility houses, 4(four) wide format, advanced, screen printing machines, viz, 30” x 40” (2) and 40” x 60” (2), out of which 3 are Grafica Camshells. They also have 2(two) UV curing systems, complete with the screen making set up.

Interview with Mr Vineet Mehta, Director, Retail Junction Pvt Ltd

Grafica experience:

We have 4 wide format, screen printing machines out of which 3 are from Grafica, i.e, Camshell 30” x 40” and 40” x 60” and that shows our trust in brand Grafica. Though we found Grafica always better than other options on many grounds but mainly the reasons of staying loyal to brand Grafica can be summed-up as;
1)We have various other machines as well but as compared to other suppliers, Grafica is capable of providing us with the spares quite easily & quickly, thus making sure that our order deliveries don’t get hampered.
2) We would always want to support India’s growth in whatever possible and hence associating with an Indian company was a great way of doing just that. We are proud to be supporting the Govt of India’s “Make in India” drive, not to forget that Grafica has one of the best screen printing machines in the world.
3) Also, we are more than satisfied with Grafica’s service, in-fact their after sales service is one of the best in India and we have never had any issues with regard to their service or parts.
4) Whenever we face any technical problem, the Grafica team is always handy and approachable and that’s really a great advantage.

Being a wide format print solution provider with 6 digital presses, what’s the strategy of investing in advanced screen printing technology?

As per our experience, screen printing leaves a lasting impression; both on the substrates printed and on the customers’ mind. It gives out good color fastness/outdoor life. With advanced screen printing we can reproduce, complex designs, in 4 color process printing, to the highest quality finish, on a vast range of materials. Cost-effective printing at 600 DPI is possible on almost all kinds of rigid/flexible substrates, such as sun-pack, vinyl etc.

So, being a wide-format digital printing company, we keep on investing in advanced screen printing machines to meet the growing demand for screen printed advertising materials. These days, customers expect durability and outdoor life for advertising materials and hence screen printing cannot be replaced in many areas like;
1)Use of screen printing for CMYK/halftone jobs, and also cut color jobs which are rare.
2)With 4 machines, we are able to accomplish sampling faster and hence can then, take up the production job quickly.
3) Durability of prints.
4) Faster production.
5)Quick delivery of jobs
6)Higher production capacity, ability to accept any quantity jobs.
7) Printing in Multiple ups: Small size jobs are screen printed in multiple ups. That’s another advantage of wide format screen printing.

We have now started focusing more on the wide format graphics screen printing in 30” x 40”, 40” x 60” print sizes especially on rigid substrates be it sun-pack, sun-board, acrylic, MDF, PVC, etc.

What’s your take on UV ink?

Screen printing with UV ink is the best option to meet the quality and production demands of our customers. We know that most of the screen printers use solvent inks in our kind of jobs, but if you print with solvent inks you need lot of racking/drying space. But with UV, volume jobs can be undertaken cost effectively by screen printing.

We have been using UV because of the following benefits.

  • Faster production & delivery
  • Less space required
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Wastages/rejection minimized
  • Consistent quality &
  • Cost-effective production

Screen vs digital – your views:

Screen printing is a technical and creativity oriented printing process. With screen printing, the customers' demand for quality, service and delivery time can be met easily and the screen printed jobs stand out with vibrant colours. Also, screen print provides durability i.e good outdoor life and is great for volume jobs, whereas digital printing is good for small quantity jobs and is handy when you need to print in very wide format, which is beyond screen printing size, but digital prints are essentially for short term applications.


Almost 90% of our customers are in direct contact with us and balance are through agencies and we cater to customers across India covering various industry segments such as;

  • Telecom – handsets and mobile operators
  • FMCG
  • Dairy industry
  • Agriculture (pesticides, fertilizers) and many more.

What’s the Growth?

The market gives out great return and growth provided you are cut for the job and are diligent in your efforts. We boast of a growth of around 20-30% YoY in screen and digital printing businesses.

Your Products portfolio:

At Retail Junction, we accomplish screen prints directly on various rigid substances, such as on the sun-packs, sun-boards, acrylic, MDF, etc. There is no need for lamination which helps us cut down drastically on time and cost. We print on glass HIP, marble, metal, sun-board, wall paper, wood, ACP acrylic blinds, carpets, ceramic tiles, fabric foam and many more innovative stuff.

Our product range includes; In-shop POP/POS, Flanges, Flags, Crystal Frames, Snap-on LED Frame, Thermoformed Posters, Table-tops, Wobblers, Roll-up Standees, Table-top Leaflet Dispenser, In-shop Back-lit Products, Plastic Frames, On-shop Branding, Back-Lit Glow-sign, Non-lit Signage, ACP Border, Banners, Hoardings, Posters, Kiosk, Canopy, Bus shelters, Dealer boards, Automobile decals, Front-lit and back-lit backdrops, etc.


We are a fully equipped printing set-up with a wide variety of machines, systems and other infrastructure and hence have an edge over our competitors in production and delivery. Some of our prized possessions are;

  • Six wide format digital printing machines
  • Complete fabrication works
  • Laser cutting
  • Screen Printing 4 machines upto 48” x 96”
  • Onsite logistics and installation team.
  • Workforce of around 80 people
  • Design studio
  • Advertising Dept.
  • Photo studio
  • Copy writing content team

Tell us about Yourself:

I am passionate about advertising in all its forms and believe in continuously improving my techniques at work so as to bring about better outcomes for each of my client’s requirements. I have had quite a varied & enriching career with the who’s who of the industry and have catered to a diverse range of categories, including Government, FMCG, Automotive, Entertainment, Telecommunications and Finance to name a few. I was working with various industry leaders and heading their ventures, before starting my own venture, Retail Junction, around 4 years back and have been serving the industry since then. I feel proud that I have a very strong team on my hands and that we are able to provide new and better, innovative products to our customers.

Retain Junction, Landmark Outdoor Media Services, wide format screen printing, wide format digital printing

Retain Junction, Landmark Outdoor Media Services, wide format screen printing, wide format digital printing

Retain Junction, Landmark Outdoor Media Services, wide format screen printing, wide format digital printing

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