Grafica News - February 2017

Thérèse Caza, Yoga-studio Art et Culture, France

Thérèse CAZA is wife of world famous screen printing guru, Michel Caza. Their company, Terascreen, is the exclusive representative of Grafica Flextronica in France. While Michel Caza takes care of marketing and promotion of Grafica machines, Therese takes care of administration, sales, customer care, etc. She is a hand paint artist too and has created several master pieces of art. Michel Caza had owned Graficaza SA, a famous graphics screen printing and serigraphy company. Based on Michel Caza's rich experience in Serigraphy, Therese has started art reproduction to make limited edition of her own art through screen printing which is her new passion. She is a yoga practitioner and Yoga teacher for several years.

Your connection with Yoga:
Yoga and Ayurveda are the best treasure the Ancient India offered to humanity about 5 thousand years ago and still alive. I like to teach Yoga and so I have almost 100 students in my Studio.I am going to give it an 'Institute' status. I leant, and still learning Ayurveda at Tapovan Open University ( Now I'm learning about Marma (108 Points of energy into the body to cure aliments). I would also like to mention and thank Mr. Mahesh, my Yoga Master from Karnataka, India, and my Ayurveda master, Kiran Vyas from Gujarat.

I became graduated in Therapeutique Ayurvedique Massages after 3 years and my massages activity is growing. I will receive a table in wood to make Shirodara and Pichauli massages. At my age 74, it makes me having some regrets not to start earlier on this knowledge. I would have built an Institute totally dedicated to it to teach people to feel better and take care at the natural rules of Ayurveda. I am able to give some advices about Dosha, aliments, savours, spices. People prefer to Cure them with pills than food. It works faster but unfortunately creates a lot of other side effects. I always tell my students that Yoga is Therapeutic. So, I have introduced the Ayurveda principles in my Yoga classes.

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