Grafica News - February 2017

Women who are part of family print business

Kanchan M. Tejani, Om Communication, Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

Why did you join your family business?
My husband Mukesh Tejani is the founder of Om Communication. I have been involved in our family business since 1997. The objective is to make my husband stress-free as he was all alone handling the screen printing business. It was an easy task for me to join hands with him since I know his likes and dislikes.

What are your responsibilities at work?
Now screen printing is the part of my life and I enjoy it too. My responsibility at work includes: complete screen printing process work, screen making. And, after printing I also do screen reclaiming, and packing the completed job. And my husband takes care of purchase, marketing, customer service, technical guidance, etc. I print wedding cards, office and social stationery, posters, cards, special visiting cards – most of the jobs with value addition/UV special effects. Each job is printed and inspected by me, hence there no quality issue; where there is 'attention' at work, there is no 'tension'.

How do you mange home and work?
I get up early at about 5:30 a.m, I finish my prayers, prepare breakfast/tiffin for family, clean the house, and then depart to factory at 10:30 am.

I come back home at 5:30 p.m. And during peak season, I reach home at around 9.00 pm. Back home, I prepare dinner for family and finish other house work.

How much your company/ family business has benefited ever since you started working in the print press?
My involvement has reduced manpower. In normal season, we don't require any labour except during peak wedding seasons. In wedding season I need only one helper for transportation of material, packaging etc.

What's your spare time activity?
I love cooking Gujarati dishes. I love travelling and going to great places. Both of us travel every year to different places like Nepal, Goa, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mumbai, etc. We also visit various print exhibitions in major cities.

So, how do you manage work since you also often go on tour with your husband?
Whenever my husband goes out of station, he prepares all design work, after that I can manage all work myself. If we both have to go on tour, then we complete all work together. It's a team effort.

Women in print - Your views:
When customer knows that printing is done by me (woman), they express that if it is done by a woman, there is no doubt about quality of print. It does not mean that my husband does not deliver quality print.

What's benefit of automation in screen printing?
In manual, lot of effort was needed and I could not work continuously during peak season. Often I used to get severe pain. And I could not maintain consistent quality. On the other hand, automation needs less effort. It is enjoyable to work on Grafica Nano-Print and Nano UV. Due to automation, we deliver best quality printing service as compared to those who do manual jobs in and around Bhavnagar where our unit is located.

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