Grafica News - February 2017

Enterprising Women Entrepreneurs

Radha Khandelwal, Director, Nextgen Printers Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

Tell us about your understanding of the Intl Women Day on 8th March:
I understand that the International Women's Day is to remind women that we do exist in the society in a very special manner. This Day is being celebrated since the early 1900's. It has always been reminding and motivating women to pursue their dreams and make a place for themselves in the society. The International Women's Day is a reminder to all. In fact it acts as a wake-up call for all women to sit back and contemplate, are we women really making our life worthy.

What could be done to bring more women into print industry?
The printing industry is teeming with talent, creative talents. Who has better creativity than women? Education is the most important factor that can empower a woman and make her self-reliant and powerful. A lot many women have come forward and joined the print industry. This industry is growing leaps & bounds and the word is spreading that this is one industry where you have enormous scope of learning and enormous scope to show your talent. Women have taken a special liking to this industry because of the opportunity it gives them in the creativity front.

By the way, why did you enter printing industry?
Prior to joining the industry with my husband, I was really trying to discover myself. I got a chance to enter the Printing Industry when my husband Rakesh Khandelwal and my brother Mahesh Khandelwal joined hands in 2010 to start a Packaging venture – Nextgen Printers - in Sikkim.

How do you manage work and home affairs?
Striking a balance between home and office is not a problem or an issue once you get to change your mind set. I understand it is difficult for many especially in the Indian scenario. A lot also depends on the support and attitude of your family members. Once you are able to get that support, the rest is easy. I am among the fortunate who have the full support of the family.

Your views about screen printing:
Screen Printing has come a long way from the days when the manual imposition used to be done.

Today, Screen Printing has evolved as the next big thing for value added printing finishes. With Grafica's automatic screen printing lines, we create amazing textures, real & life like finishes, great visual effects, security features, etc. There is endless possibility. Having seen a lot many samples of the amazing things that can be done with Screen, I was really interested to learn more about it at DMI, from the masters.

What do you like the most in printing?
Obviously the jobs with value addition which is possible with advanced screen printing! Value addition is attractive not because it gives you that extra income, but it gives you the wonderful opportunity to use your imagination and creativity.

Your views about the difference between value addition in printing & value addition in kitchen:
Do you really think and find any difference in value addition, whether it is in food preparation or printing & packaging? I don't find much of a difference. Value addition itself means adding that additional 'TARKA' to the item. The more TARKA you add to the item, the more you relish the end result. But, mind it, the TARKA always has to be in the right proportion. Over doze of TARKA often leaves you with a bitter taste.

What is your favourite job in screen printing (e.g. glitter effect on a saree box)?
Why only value addition on Saree Boxes? Well, Saree manufacturers are more concerned about showing off the feel, texture and look of the Sarees. There are very few who would look into the value addition of the boxes. Other garment manufacturers, such as Shirts or Children's Wear are more inclined towards providing value added and attractive packaging for their products.

Which industry is more promising for growth in packaging/general printing?
The FMCG sector, comprising of Cosmetics, Perfumes, Bathing Accessories, Household Accessories, etc are the most promising segments which drive the growth & value addition in printing & packaging. The Pharma sector requires minimal value addition.

Your hobbies, interests, spare time activity:
Cooking and handicrafts! I take the spare time, whatever I get, to watch TV and read books. I have special interest in cooking, specially baking. I have learnt from professionals & also have taught a lot many young women around. If not printing, then maybe I would have taken more interest in the food industry.

Your social activities:
I have been an active member of the Lion's International. I have been associated for long in various activities and projects of the NGO. I also participate in Run for Education, a Marathon event held regularly in Kolkata in which hundreds of like minded people take part. The event is being held every year to promote education. I do feel girls should be educated and it is their birth right.

Your Health & Fitness strategy:
I go to gym and yoga, both of course required for fitness. I am very particular about health and fitness. Going to gym is my passion. I feel all women should have healthy diet although 'Chaat Pakoras' can't be avoided. I share healthy food with my family. I don't sacrifice food for them which most women do. I don't like to miss gym because of guests and festivals and marriages and parties. Indian women should stop sacrificing their diet and exercise for any reason.

Personal profile:
Education:Bachelor of Arts from Kolkata.
Responsibilities at work:Incharge of office administration, the ERP / MIS software and taking care of portion of the design and pre-press sections.

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