Grafica News - January 2017

Growing demand for Screen printed garment tags

In this high speed multi color offset printing age, what is the idea behind screen printed garment tags? Ask the owners of printing firms engaged in offering value added garment tags screen printed on paper and non-paper substrates with thickness ranging from 450 gsm to 1700 gsm!. (Read stories in the following pages).

That little piece of hang/price tags on garment looks so simple. Although it is for use and throw, manufacturers have to make it attractive to lure the consumers. Normally the Garment tags contain: MRP price, Brand name, logo, wash care instruction etc. Different types of tags are made for different types of garment wears, jeans, trousers, shirts. The making of garment tag has different aspects: No. of Colors, size, shape, substrates (paper and non-paper), thickness (gsm), design element, etc.

There are two types of tags – normal and value added special tags. The normal tags are offset printed and meant for low cost garments, whereas the special tags are for premium segment garments which come in higher gsm and numerous non-paper substrates. Value addition by screen printing is the latest trend in garment tag making. Now design also plays an important role in garment tag making. And elegant designs are supplemented by various UV special effects.

Gemini Techno Prints - Bangaluru

Gemini Techno Prints makes specialized premium Hang tags for garment industry – screen and offset printed. “We make innovative tags and 60% designs are created by us and the rest comes from customers. We are a nominated vendor for many garment brands,” says S. Anand, proprietor of the company.

Besides Grafica Nano-Print plus, they also have 5 color Offset press, complete Pre press and post press/finishing facilities. Gemini also offers Embroidery / garment printing service to customers in Bengaluru. The company also supplies non-tear-able PVC stickers for garment industry.

“About 20% tags are screen printed with value addition/special effects. Some jobs demand the use of screen printing. E.g., Tags on thicker gsm board and other non paper rigid substrates can be printed only by screen printing process,” says Anand while highlighting the importance of screen printing in tag making.

“Tags make about 70% of our business while sticker and Garment decoration generate 20% each,” he reveals.

Recalling his tryst with Grafica, Anand says: “We were referred to Grafica by one of their customers. We are fully satisfied with the performance of Nano-Print plus.”

Fact sheet:
Substrates: Paper, board - 300/ 400 gsm
Size: 1.25” x 2” to 4” to 7”
Type: Single sheet or sandwitched tags/high raise tags upto 1500 gsm
Market: Tirupur, Chennai, Delhi, Ludhiana, Banglore, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Boisar, Mumbai.

Prakruti Art - Ahmedabad

Kaushik Parekh, proprietor of Prakruti Art, Ahmedabad, knows the power of screen printing when it comes to making a premium quality garment tags for niche market. They have invested in Grafica Nano-Print plus to offer value added garment tags.

Kaushik Parekh had set up Prakruti Art 12 years ago to produce garment labels. They have a 900 sq.ft production facility which houses screen printing, cutting, punching units. The company supplies Garment accessories such as price tags, PU labels, wooden IDs, etc, with customers in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai. “We cater to only premium market; we do not make normal tags meant for common market. We also apply various UV special effects to enhance the face value of the tags using Grafica screen printing machine. We make unique tags with different designs, spot colors, UV special effects, thickness, and substrate,” Kaushik adds. “Screen printing is the lifeline of our growing tag business. We started our tag business with screen printing, and we are growing with screen printing. Without screen printing you cannot print such thick tags on non paper substrates, he concludes.

Fact sheet:
Substrates used: paper, wood, leather, PVC and other printable rigid substrates.
Thickness: Min: 100 max upto 1500 / 1700 gsm
Size: min 2” x 4” / 2” x 2” for kidswear, upto 4” x 5”.
Color: 4 to 6 color
Quantity: 5000 and above per design.
One achievement: 1 design – 3.5 lakh
Price range: Rs.4 to Rs.20 as per market need
Application: Pants, shirts, jeans, kidswear
Growth: 30-40% year on year.

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