Grafica News - January 2017

With Grafica Nano-Print plus Graphic Art produces quality heat transfers for garments

In his quest for a reliable screen printing machine to produce superior quality heat transfers, Manish Kumar Agarwal, proprietor of Graphic Arts, Kolkata, ended up buying Grafica Nano-Print plus along with complete screen making set up (Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1) and Hot Air Dryer (24”).

The company rolls out about 1.25 lakh heat transfer labels per day with some major customers in Kolkata's garment industry. “Upon recommendation from one of Grafica's customers, I visited their factory and I was impressed with their machine and technical briefing with regard to heat transfer printing,” recalls Manish Agarwal. “Their machine is fantastic and good for heat transfer printing as per the feedback given by our operators who have the experience of using Grafica machine in heat transfer printing in their previous jobs.”

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