Grafica News - January 2017

Ocean's Deep Printers senses a sea of opportunities for value added Agarbatti & garment packaging

If one wants to see the power of screen printing, visit the stunning packaging showroom of Ocean's Deep Printers, Ahmedabad. Their showroom is full of sensational agarbatti (incense sticks) packaging, saree and garment packaging, sweet boxes, and premium quality garment tags and jeans patches. Point to be noted is that all these packaging have 2-3 UV special effects applied by screen printing, besides foil stamping, lamination and other print finishing treatment.

Ocean's Deep Printers' production facilities are located at Ravi Estate in Ahmedabad with 2 sheds of 4 floors (20,000 sq.ft) and 2 sheds of 2 floors (2000 sq.ft). The company has recently revamped their screen printing department with Grafica Nano-Print plus, Nano-UV, Nano-Screen Maker 5- in-1. “We have just launched online portal for packaging whereby customers can send enquiries, book orders, see order status,” says Shripal Patel, Director of the company.

Ocean's Deep Printers was set up in 1995 by Shripal Patel after his success in print trading business. He is the 4th generation entrepreneur and his son Vrund (5th generation) has also joined the family business. Shripal's great grand-father, Krishanlal Patel (1st generation) had started a printing unit way back in 1932 under the name 'Honest Printing' who used to undertake Book printing and Agarbatti packaging.

What is the importance of Screen printing in packaging printing?
We are into specialized packaging which has the touch of screen, foil, lamination, etc. We do not make normal offset printed packaging. If a normal offset packaging costs about Rs. 10-20, our packaging with value addition would cost above Rs. 50. It is known that only offset printing is not a profitable business, without value addition. Screen printing is a necessary evil for value addition in packaging printing. UV effects such as abrasive, glitter, crystal for high emboss (thick) is not possible by other method. With Screen printing we can experiment new ideas in packaging due to various special effects.

What's the key to your success in packaging?
Today, we have over 2000 customers - agarbatti manufacturers - all over India, in addition to customers in garment and other industries. I believe, success does not come overnight.

Our success is due to:

  • Upgrade in technology
  • Upgrade in knowledge
  • Offer innovative designs
  • Visit all national and international exhibitions related to packaging, labels, printing to see new technology and gain knowledge.

Design, is the key: We bring new innovation in packaging with our own design team of 8 designers. Design is the key to any packaging. We make new designs – physical design of the packaging and visual design (imprint), make right choice of colors, UV effects, foil stamping etc to make box special.

Fact file:
Production capacity:
Normal packaging: 2-3 lakh per day agarbatti packaging
Premium agarbatti packaging: 25000-30000 per day
Premium Garment packaging: 25000 per day.
Tags: 5 lakh per day

Revenue in packaging:
Garment packaging: 40% of the turnover
Agarbatti and sweet box: 20% each
Tags and others (other packaging and labels, stickers, catalog, posters for existing customers): 40%

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