Grafica News - January 2017

Why did Shree Atam Udyog prefer Grafica DTG screen printing machine?

Vishal Jain, proprietor of Shree Atam Udyog, had to depend on imported textile screen printing machine until Grafica introduced its 'Made in India' GraficaTex (10 color/ 14 pallet), an automatic direct to garment screen printing machine.

“Upon technical evaluation we felt that Grafica's DTG screen printing machine is equally good. So, when we were planning to add one more DTG screen printing machine to raise our production capacity, we chose GraficaTex. Once GraficaTex was on our production floor, we did not find anything lacking - be it quality of prints, machine performance, or its speed in comparison to the imported machines which were already working in our factory,” says Vishal Jain.

The company has been using two automatic screen printing machines. And GraficaTex is their latest investment. In addition, they also have manual carousal screen printing machines and manual screen printing table lines. With these set up, the company has a capacity to print over 5000 t shirts per day, upto 14-16 colors - both CMYK and spot color jobs (Max print area: 30” x 36”).

Established in 1995, Shree Atam Udyog is engaged in garment decoration (boys' and men's tshirts). Besides direct to garment screen printing, they also undertake embroidery and sublimation printing. Over the years, the company has grown from strength to strength. They had stated off their journey in garment printing with 2 dozen tables / 800 sq.ft production unit / 500 t-shirts per day printing capacity. The company had shifted their base to a 25000 sq.ft production facility.


What are the reasons for your Success?

Success comes from hard work which has to be supplemented by knowledge and technology upgradation, a will to use quality inputs for printing. The repeat orders that we receive regularly is the testimony to our quality. I myself started doing designs for almost ten years and gained experience in screen printing on the job. And my dad Sampurn Chand Jain, who retired from job, is my moral support and comes to our office regularly.

Some strong reasons for choosing Grafica DTG machine:
Whenever we intend to buy a DTG screen printing machine, we evaluate the following parameters:

  1. Reliability/credibility of the manufacturer including service factor.
  2. Reliability of the machine with regard to its overall performance (Satisfactory speed / Print quality with registration accuracy / trouble free operation)
  3. Market feedback about the machine and the manufacturer
  4. Durability of the machine and maintenance related issues (low maintenance, less breakdown)

I would say Grafica met all the above parameter; hence we confidently invested in their machine. Moreover, during his visit to our factory, Bhargav Mistry, Grafica's MD, never tried to sell his machine rather his visit was purely technical and to share knowledge. He gave many useful tips to improve overall quality of garment printing with special emphasis on screen making. As we started following these quality measures, our print quality improved significantly. We realized that screen making was the basis of screen printing. He also gave some tips on color management and color separation.

What is your experience?
We are fully satisfied with Grafica's machine performance and their technical guidance.

What about the speed?
Any automatic DTG screen printing machine should have a reasonable speed and we are satisfied with the speed of Grafica machine. In garment printing excess speed is of no use since we do lot of value addition such as special effects, high density, glitter, foil, etc.

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