Grafica News - January 2017

With two Grafica Cylinder Press, Shree MDG Print Solutions Customer rolls out luxury packaging with a style

Amid the 'roaring' textile factories in Surat (in the state of Gujarat), there lies a creative printing company which 'quietly' rolls out over 50000 eye-catching packaging (saree/shirt/sweet boxes). What's so special about these packaging? These are either 100% screen printed with stunning UV special effects or micro embossed or combination of both. Meet Shree MDG Print Solutions, a young printing company headed by Kailash Jain, Prakash Jain, Nitin Jain & Kumarpal Jain.

Shree MDG Print Solutions was established in 2011 on a 4000 sq.ft premises with a capacity to roll out 20000 boxes per day. The company made rapid strides and achieved tremendous success in textile/garment packaging. Their current 11500 sq.ft factory has a production capacity of 50000 boxes per day. The company has complete infrastructure including two fully automatic screen printing machines with inline UV, micro embossing machines, lamination, punching, 6 color intradeck offset press.

Interview with Nitin and Kumarpal Jain:

Tryst with Grafica vis a vis screen printing:
We met Grafica at one of their exhibitions. Earlier we were into micro embossing but after seeing screen printed UV effect samples at Grafica's stall, we decided to go for screen printing for value addition.

Performance of Grafica Cylinder Press:
We are fully satisfied with the performance of Grafica's machines in terms of:

  • High Speed
  • Registration accuracy while using multiple effects
  • Print results are excellent with depth of colors
  • Less breakdown

Grafica's technical support next to none:
We are fully satisfied with brand 'Grafica' and of course our belief in screen printing / UV technology. From the very beginning we received all round support from Grafica – prompt after sales service and technical guidance. Since we were new to screen printing, we sought assurance from Grafica with regard to technical support. They completely fulfilled our wish and we had the fortune of attending 2-day exclusive training at DMI and gained the required knowledge for value addition. Had we not got the good support and prompt after sales service, we would not have bought second machine cylinder press from Grafica.

Tell us about your capabilities:
We are focused and specialised in micro emboss boxes and screen printed boxes with value addition. We are supplying boxes to garment/textile manufacturers.

We started off with only Micro embossed packaging with one machine. We then tripled our production capacity by adding 2 more micro emboss machines in the same year. However, as there was great demand for screen printed packaging with UV special effects, in 2013 we bought first Grafica Cylinder Press (20” x 30”) with inline UV and complete screen making set up. As our customer base increased further besides volume increase from existing customers, in 2014 we bought another Grafica fully automatic cylinder press (30” x 40”). Recently we have added 6 color offset press. Our strategy is to deliver the best packaging to our customers by using multiple technologies, vis, micro, offset, lamination, foil, screen printing.

What goes into your luxury packaging?
Innovation! Design is the key. Our customers expect variety in designs, new concepts. All our products are designed inhouse and our customers (garment/textile manufacturers) have given us the freedom to make new designs and guide them in their constant marketing efforts. We make something new all the time, from job to job, and product to product. Also, we have to creatively use UV effects in line with design elements.

This way our customers are able to lure their customers amidst stiff competition in the market. In Hindi it is said 'jo dikta hai wah bikta hai', meaning 'whatever stands attractive sells the more'. Often we get repeat orders for a particular design after the initial lot of 5000 print run and that is where we feel ourselves satisfied. It all depends on how the market responds and the onus is on us to make creative packaging.

Tell us about the trend for screen printed trendy packaging:
Fashionable merchandise such as saree, shirts, trousers are sold based on the kind of attractive packaging. So some kind of special attraction is needed especially for premium segment. We started with micro embossed packaging, and diversified into screen printing with UV. And now we have started offering offset printed packaging. Our packaging being premium and value added, are meant for niche market only. We have also started making full and partial window boxes (small/big) which are for premium packaging product.

What is the role of screen printing in your packaging business?
Most of the packaging comes in offset printed only or offset with spot UV. Screen printed colors are rich than offset printed when it comes to spot color printing. Screen printed boxes have good depth of colors, which is more than offset; plus screen printing technology gives opportunity to enhance the facial value of packaging with various UV special effects, to be used creatively. Now our packaging usually have at least 2-3 UV special effects such as UV structure, abrasive, crystal, etc. We also screen print with special spot colors, florescent colors. However, to give a wider choice in packaging we have installed a 6 color intradeck offset. With this we will offer offset printed packaging with drip off and value addition done by screen printing.

How is the Growth?
Demand for screen printed textile and garment packaging is growing. However, not to depend on one segment, we have diversified into shirt boxes, sweet boxes. We have a YoY growth of 20%.

What's your USP?

  • Design inhouse / exclusive designs
  • R&D to smoothly transform our ideas into sample to final product approval from customers (use of various UV effects and micro emboss with right approach as per design element)
  • We develop special colors inhouse.
  • Biggest micro emboss facility in India
  • Big and high speed screen printing facility.
  • 100% screen printed box combining spot colors and UV special effects.

Quality control:

  • Should not be peel off on sides/edge of box after UV printing.
  • Perfect registration when we have multiple effects, screen printed one after another.
  • UV effects in sync with design elements

Customers' feedback:
Our customers are also thrilled to see our innovation in packaging as we started offering something different than only micro embossed boxes. Our customers are carefree due to our capability on quantity, quality and creativity, since we have 2 cylinder presses and 4 micro emboss and now 6 color offset.

Reasons for your quick Success:
We are successful in our new venture (screen printing) because of our satisfied customers. The demand for screen printed boxes is such that we had to invest in second cylinder press. Our big ticket repeat investment in cylinder press is the reflection of our success in luxury packaging business. We have now become a multi technology packaging solution provider, an added advantage to our customers.

Fact sheet:
Product offering:

  • Complete packaging solution for textile and garment boxes.
  • Full and partial window boxes (small/big).
  • 100% value added packaging only, no normal offset printed packaging.

Production capacity:
Screen Printing: 40000-50000 boxes plus per day – depending on no. of colors and UV special effects.
Micro embossing: 50000 boxes per day
Offset: Offset with UV special effects.
Packaging Size: 15” x 20” / 22” x 32” (350-400 gsm)

Market for Screen Printed/micro embossed packaging:
a)Surat: Saree boxes
b) Bhilwara, Mumbai: Shirt boxes
c) Nagpur, Silvasa, Surat: Mithai boxes


  • Micro emboss: 4 machines
  • Screen Printing: 2 Grafica Fully automatic Cylinder Press with inline UV
  • Complete screen making set up
  • Offset: Imported 6 Colour intradeck Sheet-fed Offset Printing Press (new investment)
  • Lamination: Cold & Thermal
  • Finishing: Cutting/punching machines and all other finishing tools and equipment
  • Design team (graphic designing)
  • R&D – for new product design and development
  • Color matching/ink kitchen
  • Single color offset

The management:
Kailash Jain: Administration and finance.
Prakash Jain: Manages all the machines, R&D, New product development.
Nitin Jain: A Commerce graduate, takes care of marketing/ sales/ customer care, logistics.
Kumarpal Jain: Print Technology Diploma holder from HAUCHLER STUDIO, Germany (an added advantage to the company) looks after technical aspects of print production

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