Grafica News - July 2017

"Nano-Print plus is compatible for heat transfer printing"
Say two Mechanical Engineer brothers

Dev Labels, heat transfer printing, Grafica Flextronica, Nano-Print plus

Rajesh Kumar, a Mechanical engineer and his brother Tanuj Sawhney (B.Tech), partners of Faridabad based Dev Labels/Dev Print N Pack, unanimously say that Grafica Nano-Print plus is a compatible screen printing machine for heat transfer printing.

The brothers run two businesses under the names:

1) Dev Print N Pack – heat transfer printing – mainly catering to exporters.

2)Dev Labels – garment tags, washcare labels, size labels in satin and taffeta for garments industries, barcode stickers and stationary printing etc.

"Investing in Grafica's Nano-Print plus was not only a judicious decision but also a big game changer. That’s because we were struggling hard to improve quality and production by manual screen printing. Once Grafica screen printing system was in place we could see a dramatic change in our business viz," says Rajesh Kumar. According to him, the advantages of automation are:

  • Quality improvement.
  • Deliver jobs on time.
  • 100% Customers satisfaction
  • Over 60% jump in production,
  • Overall growth in business.

"With such impact, we felt we should have gone for Grafica machine 7-8 years ago because we made a mistake of investing in a cheaper local machine which failed our automation drive. As a new entrant into screen printing, I feel business dream cannot be achieved unless we adopt automation," says Rajesh Kumar.

He shares an interesting aspect of heat transfers market. "Our Export market customers are quality conscious and not price conscious; whereas in domestic market customers are price conscious and often use low quality heat transfers. Our quality transfers certainly carry higher price because we use quality input."

And he asserts that mere investment in a quality screen printing machine does not bring quality. "When we had manual screen printing, we used to print with cheap inks of around Rs.200/kg; but once automation was in place we started using superior quality inks of around Rs. 1000/- kg upto Rs.5500/- kg of world renowned brands, and other high quality Indian brands also, besides making superior quality screens to get better quality output."

Dev Labels, heat transfer printing, Grafica Flextronica, Nano-Print plus

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