Grafica News - June 2017


Grafica Flextronica, Gee Dee Printex, garment printing

“Only because Grafica’s all round technical support we are now successful in our DTG screen printing business”

-Gagan Garg & Dushyant Garg, Gee Dee Printex, New Delhi

Why did Delhi based Gee Dee Printex opt for GraficaTex instead of an imported DTG screen printing machine? There is an interesting story behind. Read on …!

For a manufacturer of steel pipes, achieving success in their new DTG screen printing venture would have been a pipe dream had they not got an all round technical support from Grafica. It’s serious to note that initially Gee Dee Printex’s management had thought of selling the DTG screen printing machine even without trying their hands, as they were not confident in their start up venture.

“As we had no technical knowledge – about fabric, inks, chemicals, design elements, etc, we had to struggle a lot during our R&D/experiment phase. Even though we installed GraficaTex (10 col/14 pallet), we kept it idle for almost six months and at one point of time we were on the verge of selling off the machine. But we did not give up as Grafica was rendering full technical support. Although we started with zero knowledge, Grafica stood by us by guiding us in all possible way. We gained confidence and with our team’s commitment and dedication, we came out of the crisis,” reveals Dushyant Garg and his elder brother, Gagan Garg.

Dushyant who studied Hotel Management and Business Management from The Oxford Group, UK, in 2012, adds further: “The garment printing market is witnessing stiff competition with so many old players investing in automatic machines. Yet we dared to venture into garment printing business, an area which was not related to our family business of stainless steel pipe manufacturing. The only experience we have had was that we used to import hosiery products (socks and caps) and distribute in Indian market.”

He continues: “Within a short time we carved a niche for ourselves as a creative DTG screen print service provider which is reflected in our growing clientele and repeat orders. We are able to print CMYK, spot colors, special effects such as foil, high density, puff, beads, rhinestone, flocking, glitter, etc.”

“We opted for Grafica rather than an imported DTG screen printing machine, owing to better pricing and surely their all round technical support. We found that there was not much of a difference between the two, when it comes to print quality and production. It is noteworthy Grafica, being an Indian company, not only makes good machines but also renders excellent technical guidance to printers like us who are new to the business,” concludes Gagan Garg.

About Gee Dee Printex:

Besides automatic DTG screen printing machine Gee Dee Printex also has manual table which is used for printing small quantity orders (1-3 colors jobs). Put together the company has the capacity to print about 5500 pieces per day. The company caters to 70% exporters’ jobs and the rest is domestic jobs which include Men’s, women’s wear and kids wear. They have also diversified into sublimation printing.

Grafica Flextronica, Gee Dee Printex, garment printing

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