Grafica News - June 2017

With 3 Camshell Accent Electronics’ growth ascends to 80% p.a.

Accent Electronica, Grafica Flextronica, DMI workshop

With three Grafica CamShell - semi automatic screen printing machines, Ghaziabad based Accent Electronics’ growth ascends to 80% p.a. which was about 60% a few years ago. This also indicates the growth of industrial screen printing in India.

The company offers a wide range of product application labels and stickers. Their portfolio includes tactile domes, polyester membranes, and polycarbonate labels, tamper proof labels, vinyl transfers, decals and displays, automobile decals, among many other products.

Accent Electronics has its full-fledged production facility (300 sq. m) at Sahibabad in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh (near New Delhi). Besides Grafica’s advanced screen printing machines, the company has also complete screen making set up, pre press and post press facilities.

Interview with Sandeep and Hemant Bharadwaj:

You have been loyal to brand Grafica for many years – some strong reasons:

Our association with Grafica began a few years’ ago with the purchase of their Nano-Print plus, a semi automatic screen printing machine. Since then we have established a friendly bonding with them and whenever we plan new investment, we have only Grafica in mind. We trust brand Grafica … because:

1) Friendship apart, the Quality of their every machine is excellent, in terms of craftsmanship and performance. It is sturdy hence requires low maintenance. We would say, in comparison to other four major brands in the world, Grafica’s machine is also equally good.

2) Their technical support is the best, which is backed by prompt after sales service.

Also, we are thankful to Bhargav Mistry, Director of DMI, who has boosted screen printing industry in India by sharing his valuable knowledge from time to time, something rare in India. He is available online or telephonically to solve our technical problems that is something very commendable. Everybody cannot go to DMI’s workshop to upgrade knowledge, but he is still giving us a chance to learn new techniques online, either through his blogs or helpline no.

Your views about Screen printing:

Screen printing is a necessary printing process in the development of industry such as electronics, engineering, telecommunication, automobile, electrical sectors. All these are growth sectors requiring lot of product application labels and stickers to be screen printed on wide range of non-paper substrates such as PVC, polycarbonate, vinyl, polyester, acrylic, special papers, etc.

Who are your customers?

We manufacture and supply product labels to:

  • Home appliances – new line of business
  • Electronics
  • Electrical equipment
  • Automobile (designer decals for 2/4 wheeler OEMs) – new line of business
  • Dome labels
  • Stickers for washing machine & air conditioners
  • Automobile decals
  • In near future, we wish to manufacture decals for cricket bats as well.

Which is the growth sector?

Home appliances and Automobile are promising growth sectors. We have started exporting industrial stickers and labels to Nigeria, South Africa, Dubai.

Accent Electronica, Grafica Flextronica, DMI workshop

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