Grafica News - March 2017

Classic Stripes among 51 print firms recognised by SGIA for Safety Programs

Classic Stripes, Mumbai, is among the 51 global print companies recognised by SGIA for its Safety Programs 2016. According to SGIA’s official release, these 51 member companies through their own self-inspection and verification, achieved excellence in safety in 2016. The members conducted bimonthly inspections of their facilities based on a checklist provided by SGIA.

Grafica congratulates Classic Stripes team for receiving this Recognition from SGIA.

According to SGIA, the 2017 Safety Recognition Program opened with revisions in February. The yearlong program requires members to establish or update a safety plan and guides them through essential activities in five areas — written safety policy, worker participation program, workplace review, education and program evaluation.

More details at: safety-and-health


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