Grafica News - March 2017

Graphix India gets big push in industrial screen printing

Backed by Grafica’s Camshell, complete screen making setup and DMI’s technical guidance, Ghaziabad based Graphix India gets a big push in industrial screen printing.

The company has a label and screen printing unit (1783 sq.ft) which is located in Ghaziabad. This unit has complete screen printing set up and a 4-color Flexo Label printing machine. The company’s screen printing unit offers the following products:

  • Polycarbonate labels
  • Vinyl stickers
  • Metal labels (Aluminium anodized)

They supply these labels to Electronics, Electrical, security industry (CCTV cameras), home appliances, pharma/medical (hospital tags / wrist bands for patience), and Telecommunication sectors (mobile tower equipment) in Delhi/NCR, Rudrapur, Dehradun, Rourkee, Haridwar, etc.

Interview: Grafica connection:
Our search for a quality screen printing machine ended when we visited Grafica stall at an expo in New Delhi. Although it was a garment expo, Grafica team gave us a patience hearing since our requirement of machine was for industrial printing. To our surprise, rather than trying to sell their machine, Grafica sales team was giving me step by step guidance since we were new entrants into screen printing.

We surely had the option of buying other cheaper machines. However, we opted for Grafica although their price was on higher side. Later we felt that considering all ‘plus’ factors of Grafica (quality of machine, after sales service and technical support), the price was reasonable.

We are now fully satisfied with the performance of Grafica’s CamShell and screen making set up. Moreover, they never fell short of their promises. We regularly receive their technical guidance.

Being offset and flexo label printers why did you enter industrial screen printing?
We diversified into industrial Screen printing after seeing growing competition in flexo label sector. We are growing in our screen printing business at 30-40% even if we entered this field just 4 year ago.

So, what is the reason for your quick success?
Our strategy is as under:

  • Innovation / New ideas, concepts in line with product development being made by customers.
  • Delivery and prompt service - Design to output and delivery.
  • Guidance to customers
  • Competitive pricing.

What are the Challenges in industrial screen printing?
In press department there is not much challenge. The crucial task is in Pre press/screen making. Challenges come when a new product is being developed by our customers. In industrial screen printing we have to use different semi rigid substrates, requiring different inks and mesh specifications. The industrial stickers, screen printed on non paper substrates, are supposed to be perfect and sync with the requirement of product’s functioning. These stickers also have aesthetic look besides its function features.

About Graphix India:
Graphix India was founded in 2004 by Ghanshyam Yadav to offer offset printing services (commercial printing and packaging, advertising display materials) to many big corporate. They offer packaging to Pharma and cosmetic customers in Haridwar, Rourkee, Rudrapur, New Delhi, etc. Their Flexo Label printing unit produces barcode and FMCG product labels and also Accessories (hardware/ software).

Graphix India Graphix India Graphix India

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