Grafica News - March 2017

Automation boosts SRM Printers' spot UV business

In a bid to please the customers, S. Raja and S. Madan, partners of SRM Printers, decided to invest in advanced screen printing technology. Their search ended when they visited Grafica's stall at a print exhibition in Chennai where they could see live demo of Nano-Print plus and Nano-UV.

SRM Printers is a sister concern of Raja Offset Printers. Set up in 1997, Raja Offset has a mini offset and single colour offset, complete post press facilities, all housed in their 4000 sq.ft facility. With advanced screen printing, they offer spot UV on job work basis. Besides this, they also print wedding and invitation cards, cloth bags for wedding ceremony, etc. “We had manual screen printing which was tedious and time consuming. On the other hand on screen printing machine we can print big size sheet print with consistent quality,” says Raja. “We were referred by Grafica's customers in Sivakasi, Chennai and Kumbhkonam. Nano Print plus is superb. And there is no issue regarding Grafica's after sales service. We are a fully satisfied customer of Grafica.”

wedding cards

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