Grafica News - May 2017

Classic Stripes, Shakti Keypads, Perfect Packaging, Protolab & Keetronics win FESPA17 awards

In the recently concluded FESPA 2017 competition in Germany, 5 Indian screen printing companies have made India proud by winning awards, in their respective categories mentioned below: The awards were announced during FESPA17 show in Hamburg, Germany (8-12 May 2017).

Classic Stripes, Vasai:

Washing Machine Fascia for Panasonic Econavi: Printed on PET film. The detailing of the numbers, illuminated area and the emboss effect for push buttons makes this fascia a remarkable job. It was very challenging to achieve the trapping / overlap of dot texture and the illuminate area. During the Post curing stage it was difficult to manage the embossing and blanking , the Start / Pause button has a DOT in the centre to aid the visually impaired person to operate the washing machine , challenge was to get the correct emboss DOT height to serve its purpose and with a constant monitoring we could achieve it.

Printing Technique:

Number of Screens used: 17
Quantity: 600 nos
Substrate: PET Film
Inks used: Solvent based
Special effect: Texture
Finishing process: Surface Protection film, Embossing & Blanking

Shakti Keypads, Ghaziabad:

Membrane Switches: This membrane keypad is made for ground level equipment used in agricultural industry. This membrane keypad is used to control the equipment working and its power. This keypad works for controlling as well as looks attractive through graphic overlay used in front of keypad.


  • Graphic overlay is made on poly carbonate substrate with various UV colour.
  • The Keypad has 7 segment LEDs used in it.
  • It has UV think texture
  • The Keypad circuit is made of silver conductive ink with dielectric ink used to protect the working of circuit.
  • Metal Dome used to give tactile feel for user and thermochromic embossing done to give feel of push button with metal domes on keypad.
  • UV matte is used for soft touch feel for user while using keypad.

Printing Technique: This membrane keypad is manufactured by screen printing technique. This Membrane keypad is manufactured and constructed by various UV color inks. Their design and drawing were made through CAD software. Printing machine used for printing this keypad is flatbed screen printer.

Perfect Packaging, Mumbai:

Glam - Imitation Jewelry Packaging: Unique n stylish look given for imitation jewelry packaging. Illustration of lady face was used to give it trendy look- vibrant red color stamping used for outstanding and attractive design.

Printing Technique: Process- 4 Col Offset Printing , Pearl Coating , 2 Stamping ( Red + Laser Silver). Special Effects- 1. Wrinkle U.V 2. Glitters U.V , 3. Crystal Uv .

Protolab, New Mumbai:

Automotive Dial: Speedometer Cluster Dial printed on polycarbonate sheet 750 microns thickness, processed in 2 ups, using solvent colors with 14 impressions with uniform light illumination in the night.

Printing Technique: This dial is processed in 4 ups with a sheet of 200 mm x 400 mm with 13 color passes/impressions plus one pass/impression for varnish on the top surface. All inks are solvent inks and after each pass/impression, it is jet air dried and baked.

Keetronics, Pune:

Hybrid Circuits On 3d Surface: In this project, SMD-LED's and touch sensitive sensor circuitry is printed and mounted with the help of screen printing technique and also formulation of low temperature solder paste for mounting of electronic components on glass. Electronic components referred to SMD type and printing of solder paste patches by using stencil printing on 3D - glass surface. The electronic circuitry for LED and touch sensitive sensor (capacitive) shows the main advantage where it can also be re-programmable with respect to sensitivity. Cap-sense IC of 0.5 mm pitch is mounted with the help of conventional printing using solder paste. Capacitive based touch sensor is developed with the help of conductive ink (Ag) and dielectric inks were used for bridging over silver conductive structures. Low temperature solder paste composed of metallic based polymer binded to increase the mounting adhesion as well as with low resistance after drying. Hence it protects from short circuit when it is in “ON” mode. The electrical and mechanical characterization was occurred and it proves that this technology may give supportive solution to overcome PCB technology.

About FESPA Awards’17

FESPA 2017 Awards attracted entries from across 37 countries. According to FESPA, this year’s winning entries included 3D printed shoes and more than 30 t-shirt entries. The Special Effects and Point of Purchase Products - Paper and Board categories proved to be the most popular among entrants.

Highlighting the power of screen printing, Josep Tobella Soler who was member of the judging panel and a Screen printing consultant, said: "People could be under the impression that screen printing is an industry in decline, however the innovation that we are seeing across all Award categories highlights that this is certainly not the case."

He added: "Screen printing is here to stay as it’s an irreplaceable technique for multiple applications. Conventional screen printing is a special craft and keeps surprising me. The special effects that can be achieved in graphics and posters are breathtaking."

FESPA judges noted that whilst screen maintains it hold in terms of durability and the use of spot colour and special pigments, digital is being selected for shorter runs and higher levels of complexity in image resolution and finishing.

To view Award winners’ samples, log on to:

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