Grafica News - May 2017

G.K. Printco makes successful entry into garment screen printing

Imagine an entrepreneur with no background in garment printing, dared to invest in Automatic Direct to Garment Printing machine, and then achieves success within two months of investment! We are talking about Howrah based G.K. Printco.

G.K. Printco is an offshoot of H.A. Printers which is a manufacturer of corrugated boxes, garment packaging and commercial printing for several decades. “Kolkata being a hub of textile/garment manufacturing, we wanted to seize great opportunity in garment printing since we had ready customers to whom we already supply textile packaging and corrugated boxes,” says Asif Raza, one of the partners of G.K. Printco.

The company was founded in October 2016. Their new garment printing unit is spread over 2000 sq.ft and they are in the process of adding another 6500 sq.ft space for their expansion. “About a year ago, we invested in Grafica DTG screen printing machine to offer digital like quality textile screen printing on job work basis. However, it was easier said than done. Before taking delivery of their machine, we made it a point to attend DMI’s 3-day workshop on advanced textile screen printing,” recalls Asif.

“During DMI workshop, we closely studied how an automatic machine is being used to get best results. We also got an idea about the real definition of ‘quality’ in garment printing. It’s not just automatic machine that does all the magic as said by DMI’s Bhargav Mistry. Garment printing is all about using creativity, design, pre press, screen making,” says Asif. “Since ours was a startup, DMI’s faculty had come here for onsite training. Lot of points was also cleared during this onsite training. We are applying lot of tips from DMI.”

He concludes: “With Grafica’s quality machine and DMI’s technical support we could make good start by delivering quality prints and within a short time we could earn a name in the market as quality DTG garment printers. We are also getting referral customers. That’s really big startup success. We now work for big brands and about 30% of our customers are Exporters.”

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