Grafica News - May 2017

Impact of DMI workshop:
Aslam Press produces impressive wedding card with 11 impressions of UV special effects & special UV colors

Ataulla Shariff and his son Sadulla (owners of Aslam Press, Mysore) reveal the secret of a stunning wedding card which they had produced for their family wedding.

Aslam Press, established about 115 years ago, has made a profitable progress in value addition, viz, wedding card business following automation in screen printing and gaining knowledge in DMI’s 3-day workshop. "We learnt value addition, vis-a-vis UV special effects technique in DMI’s 3-day workshop, few years ago. And we use different design concept/UV special effects to different customers and we do not copy/repeat it. DMI has really created a great impact in our screen printing business. We now produce very special wedding cards by applying 5-6 UV special effects like the one we made for my daughter’s wedding in September 2016 the details of which are given below,” reveals Ataulla Shariff."

The after effect of this creative wedding card is such that it generated lot of enquiries from their family and friends circle. “We have now customers in Mysuru, Bengaluru and other cities in Karnataka state, Chennai in Tamil Nadu, NRIs in USA, Dubai,” says Ataulla while giving a detailed description of his family wedding card here below:

The making of an innovative wedding card:

Quantity: 1000
Paper: 170 gsm Art paper duly foil laminated (for cover) and 400 gsm Art card (for insert invitation card) & Butter paper for flap on card (inside)
UV special effects: Glitter, UV gold varnish, Matt varnish, 3D reflective UV to create micro emboss effect, Crystal UV,
UV colors (no solvent inks): Light pink, Maroon UV color
Mesh: Polyester – 24T, 63T, 90T, 120T, 180T
Phat film: 50 & 100 micron
Design: Inhouse. It took one week to finalise design and get approval from the bride & groom and their family members.
Production process: Completely screen printed on Grafica Nano-Print plus with Nano-UV. Screen making on Grafica Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1.
Production time: Design concept to Screen printing / print finishing – 15 days Cost: We charge about Rs.150-200 per card for this kind of cards.

Technical details

1) Cover (2 pass): Printed on a 17” x 17” paper duly foil laminated, then die punch.

  • UV Maroon Tint solid all over (120 T polyester mesh)
  • * Reverse printing of title
  • Micro emboss effect using 3D reflective UV (180 T mesh) on title strip at bottom and water-mark micro emboss all over cover

2) Flap of cover: (2 pass)

  • Glitter - Turquoise blue – on title (24 T mesh)
  • Flower design printed with UV gold varnish – 180 T mesh

3) Flap on Invitation card (3 pass):

Paper: Readymade butter paper (A3 size which was die punch after printing)

  • Title & design with Gold glitter mixed with crystal UV - 24 T mesh & 100 micron phat film)
  • Water mark flower design with Matt varnish – 63 T mesh & 50 micron phat film)
  • Border with pink varnish mixed with crystal UV – 90 T mesh.

4) Invitation card (front & back – 4 pass)

Paper: 400 gsm Art Card (printed on 35” x 24” and then die punch) – duly foil laminated (outsourced)

  • Border with glitter (mixed with crystal UV) – double impression to get raise effect. – 24 T mesh
  • Background with UV Maroon Tint solid - 120 T mesh
  • Text with raise effect, printed with Crystal UV – 63 T mesh & 50 micron phat film
  • Backside of card: Flower design printed with UV gold varnish – 180 T mesh.

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