Grafica News - May 2017

Party Invites makes out of the box wedding boxes and cards

As the name suggests, Party Invites is a designer and manufacturer of premium/customised wedding cards, boxes and related products. The company has its 1200 sq. ft production facility in Jalandhar. They also have show-rooms in New Delhi and Jalandhar, which are managed by Gagan Grover and his father, Charanjeet Grover, respectively. These show rooms have a wide range of wedding card collections, packaging, carry bags, flatters and other related products. Besides customers in New Delhi and Jalandhar/Punjab, the company has managed to find many customers in USA, Canada, and Dubai.

Explaining the role of Screen printing, Prashant Tyagi, Production Manager, says: "Screen printing has a major role in our wedding card production, especially for value addition. With screen printing set up (Grafica Nano-Print plus, UV curing machine and Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1), we apply various UV Special effects such as bubble, spot UV (matt/gloss), reflective UV, emboss UV, glitter, and special colors for high deposition. Also we use other print finishing methods such as foil, emboss, laser cutting etc."

He adds: "We have to make 'out of the box' boxes with unique designs which are theme based, in different shapes, sizes, colors. We use different substrates such as paper (140-350 gsm), MDF, PVC, Acrylic, Board, Satin, velvet, etc. as per customers’ requirement and design elements. About 80% orders come with box set of wedding cards and only 20% are with card type."

"We got an opportunity to visit DMI institute where we fine tuned screen making technique. We also learnt the innovative use of various UV Special effects, halftone printing and use of spot colors," recalls Prashant.

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