Change colours live on machine without making new set positives and screens

Change colours live on machine without making new set positives and screens

Let say if you are printing a graphic design on a t-shirt which has a RED CAR or RED BIKE, and if your customer demands RED CAR on a RED t-shirt and BLUE CAR on a BLUE t-shirt and so on.

If you are printing with traditional CMYK technique, then you have no option because you first have to change the colour in the photo editing software, then output new positives, make new screens, load new screens on the machine, spend hours on setting up and register the job to re-print with the new colour.

However, if the customer needs additional choices and the qty is not sufficient to make profits. Because making new positives, screens and setting up machines takes a hell lot of time and money, right?

With the spot process, colour separation technique, you do not need to make a new set of positive, new screens and re-load on the machine. You can change the colour of the object live by just replacing the colour on the same screen with the same settings and offer more choice to your customers.

It's a common problem everywhere that a same graphic design is screen printed on a different coloured t-shirt because commonly everyone use CMYK process and the colours cannot be changed once the positive is output and screens are made.

However, the same design won't go well because the colours and design should always be in harmony. World over, many times it's observed that one of the reasons that the garments which do not sell are because designers lack a basic understanding of the colour harmony or they don't have a choice because screen printers cannot offer them more varieties considering changing colours increases cost and reduces margins.

To overcome this issue, I have uploaded a video and two designs wherein you can follow my instructions and try this new technique and offer a better choice to customers by just changing the colour live on the machine without removing screens or making new sets positives.

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Bhargav Mistry
Managing Director, DMI

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