Garment printers churn knowledge in Bhargav Mistry's seminar on advanced textile screen printing

Garment printers churn knowledge in Bhargav Mistry's seminar on advanced textile screen printing

On the sidelines of the exhibition, on 2nd December'16, Bhargav Mistry, Director of DMI and MD of Grafica conducted a seminar on advance textile screen printing which gave a delightful learning experience for over 50 attendees. He was also present in the expo all 3-days to share knowledge and guide the Sri Lankan printers in the application of advanced screen printing and benefits of automation, et al.

Participants' feedback

Bhargav is a knowledgeable speaker, and I have improved my knowledge about advanced screen printing even by listening just for 2 hours during his seminar.
Chamindi Nedra, Silver Circle (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

I was eager to know about the FM screening technique.
Priyanga Perera, Screenline (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

I learnt the colour separation technique in garment printing.
H.S. Priyadarshana, VTX, Sri Lanka.

I have now understood that to become an excellent textile screen printer, you need knowledge.
B.L.G. Perera, Rantex (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

Since I am new to screen printing, I just wanted to learn a little bit more. But I got much more insights about garment screen printing, than what I expected. The Q&A session after his session was also very informative.
P. de Silva, Silver Circle (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

I got to know about spot colour process separation and tips to improve quality in halftone garment printing.
C. Jayakody, JPL Lanka Pvt Lt, Sri Lanka

I got to know about advanced textile screen printing machinery and new techniques in printing.
G. Kamala Chandra, Lucki Cards, Sri Lanka

Bhargav was an exceptional speaker. I gained knowledge about digital, like quality printing by the screen printing process. I also learnt about the technical aspects of DTG screen printing.
D. T. Ranasinghe, Rantex (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

I learnt some useful techniques in screen printing and also about the creative designing aspects.
Indika Attygalle, S&D Association, Sri Lanka

Bhargav's seminar was a great help to get ourselves updated in both knowledge & technology in screen printing as a whole. It created an immense opportunity for us, Sri Lankans, where we are warming up to face the new production economy.
Ireasha Dharmasena, Ireasha Graphics, Sri Lanka.

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