Grafica's textile screen printing machine and Nano-Print plus at Screen Print India Sri Lanka

Grafica's textile screen printing machine and Nano-Print plus at Screen Print India Sri Lanka

At the recently concluded Screen Print Sri Lanka exhibition (1-3 December 2016) in Colombo, Grafica's stall was a centre of attraction. Immediately after registration, scores of printers from garment and commercial printing sectors straight walked into Grafica's stall which was in the forefront of the show. Many of the printers spent quality time in Grafica stall by keenly watching live demo of nano-prinTag plus and Nano-Print plus and seeking knowledge with Grafica's team.

During the live demo of nano- prinTag plus (6 col /10 pallet), two 10” x 12” jobs were screen printed. Job- 1 was with girl's design involving 6 spot process colors which was printed using water based inks. Job-2 involved printing of orange color, metallic, grey and black.

On Nano-Print plus and Nano-UV, a live demo of applying various UV special effects was showed. It included printing of 3D reflective UV over a duly offset printed job (Taj Mahal poster) as a substitute for costly micro emboss. For scores of offset printers/commercial screen printers it was an eye opener as many of them were not aware of the application of UV special effects for value addition. What they knew was only the simple spot UV (gloss and matt).

Grafica has received few orders for nano-prinTag and other DTG screen printing machines, Nano- Print plus, Nano-UV and also for Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 which was also on display.

Grafica's success in the exhibition was also due to the extensive support from Silver Circle, Colombo, who is the company's Representative in Sri Lanka. Their entire team was present to establish smooth rapport with the prospective customers and knowledge seeking printers.

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