GraficaTex creates impact at 7th Egy Stitch & Tex Egypt

GraficaTex creates impact at 7th Egy Stitch & Tex Egypt

At the recent Egy Stitch & Tex Exhibition in Cairo, visitors were rather amused to watch live demo of direct to garment printing with digital-like quality on Grafica's textile screen printing machines.

In association with Grafica, T.T.S., (Grafica's Representative in Egypt), had showcased a host of screen printing machines and allied products such as GraficaTex (10 color/12 pallets), nano-prinTag plus, nano-prinTag, Nano-Print Plus, Hot Air Dryer, and Nano- Screen Maker 5-in-1.

The Egy Stitch Tex was held on 23 to 26 February 2017 at Cairo International Conference Center. During the exhibition, Grafica and T.T.S team screen-printed different jobs such as 'all over printing' (20” x 30”), Cartoon Designs (10” x 12”) and also a small job of 6” x 6”.

“While the machines on display were being sold to customers in Cairo, Grafica has received few order bookings for its range of DTG screen printing machines,” says Hanish Mehta, General Manager, Sales & Marketing who was present at the show.

“Most of the visitors were impressed by the very look of Grafica's DTG screen printing machines (machine finishing and colour). Their confidence further increased when they watched a trouble-free live demo of our machines and superb quality prints. Many garment printers shared that in the entire exhibition, only in Grafica's stall they could watch live demo of screen printing 'digital-like' quality prints."

Grafica's technical experts were present at the expo to assist T.T.S. officials during the exhibition.

They stayed back for a few days to carry out installation and to give training to customers.

“Thanks to Grafica's support and presence, we could successfully showcase their range of DTG screen printing machines at the 7th Egy Stitch expo,” says Abdel Moneim Zaghloul, Director of T.T.S.

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