Join DMI’s Design Group on Facebook

Join DMI’s Design Group on Facebook

Hello friends,

First of all, I would like to welcome you all in this DMI's Design Group.

So, why I named it DMI Design Group?

Most of you are aware that my company, GRAFICA FLEXTRONICA, produces screen printing machines for graphics, industrial and textiles for more than 30 years.

I also run a professional screen printing training institute which is very popular all over the world as DMI (Dhirubhai Mistry Institute For Print Education Research & Training).

Being in this field for so long, I have decided to share my knowledge with all textile screen printers across the globe.

Today there are many misconceptions and wrong methods followed in t-shirt screen printing.

So the first error starts from pre-press, i.e. designing and colour separation to positive output.

Even there are many wrong methods and systems followed in screen making and screen printing process.

However, let me first begin with the pre-press.

Our primary focus in this group is to teach textile screen printing on t-shirts and garments and not to sell or give away FREE designs.

When it comes to screen printing on t-shirts, everything begins with an excellent graphic design.

The consumers who are looking for graphic t-shirts online or in-store always search for unique graphic design.

Today, there is a real shortage of skilled designers all over the world, especially to create attractive graphics for a t-shirt.

Even if there are, they have a lack of knowledge about the fundamentals of the textile screen printing process and high-end colour separation.

There are two kinds of colour separation — one plain simple solid colours separation which you see in most vector images.

The second type of separation is photographic images and illustrations, and that's where many struggles.

In simple vector images, you can use any software like photoshop, illustrator or CorelDRAW and select individual colour and make your simple separations.

However, in photographic images and illustrations, the majority of graphic designers are only aware of one option. CMYK.

I am sceptical about CMYK. Why?

Because to screenprint on a t-shirt with CMYK technique, you need a very high level of expertise and experience.

Plus a thorough knowledge of pre-press, colour management, ICC profiles, RIP Software (i.e. Raster Imaging Processors), Imagesetters.

If you are using an inkjet printer to output positives, then you need a transmission densitometer to linearize halftone dots. Otherwise, you have a significant problem screen printing with higher LPI's.

Apart from knowing graphic designing and screen printing, one also needs to have a thorough understanding of fabrics and dyeing.

Dyeing quality of cotton fabrics plays a vital role to achieve bright colours on dark garments. Also, to get a better discharge, it becomes essential to know the properties of fabrics and dye.

At DMI, we have spent an enormous amount of time and money into research and development.

Our institute has heavily invested in various types of machines, tools & laboratory equipment for scientific research and development in textile screen printing technology.

With over 30 years of my rich experience and expertise in the field of screen printing technology, I have been able to teach more than 1500 screen printers at my institute, DMI.

To widely and conveniently spread my knowledge across the globe, I have decided to render FREE education to like-minded textile screen printers, who are seeking for right kind of technology.

Finally, three things:

1st, kindly pay respect to our group policy and terms which you have agreed while joining.

2nd, please do not sell or produce a t-shirt from our designs because our intention is clear. We want to teach you for FREE and help you to improve your quality and growth.

3rd, do not remain, silent member, download our designs, make test prints as per the instructions, ask questions and keep interacting, liking and follow us for future updates, videos, tips and trick on textile screen printing.

We are coming up with great videos and information everything related to textile screen printing, especially on a t-shirt.

So stay tuned. Keep watching, liking and commenting so we can understand your requirements and come up with better solutions.

Thanks for watching my video.

Bhargav Mistry
Managing Director
Grafica Flextronica & DMI

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