Now comfortably say YES to short run jobs on GRAFICATEX - Textile Screen Printing Machines

Now comfortably say YES to short run jobs on GRAFICATEX - Textile Screen Printing Machines

We're well aware of deadlines. Commonly we work overtime on short or no notice to obtain the tasks done. We sometimes even have to stop our system in between to incorporate other clients job due to an emergency. When such situations arise we lose profit because our significant time goes in SETTING UP JOBS on automatic textile printing machines. Even with all our vast experience, we're aware that there's less competition on jobs that are over eight colours with an additional 1 or 2 special effects. However, due to longer SETUP time, printers overlook such chances and goes for fewer colour jobs and falls into the snare of serious competition.

Today garment manufacturers have substantial competition and are made to provide hefty discount rates to consumers. The effects on their cutthroat competition make no room for giving a higher cost to screen printers which makes it difficult to generate reasonable profit margins.

Nowadays the job volume has also shrunk which makes even more challenging for screen printers to generate profits from short-run jobs. Due to this factor screen printers finds it challenging to spend on research & developments for our future growth and to bring innovative ideas and concepts to offer to their clients. These facts are known, and we sometimes can't succeed because we've already purchased incorrect products when buying all screen printing machine, no matter how fancy it looks. However, when the device can't reduce setup time so its complete waste of money.

Grafica is well aware of those issues and on GRAFICATEX - Textile Screen Printing Machine we have solved this problem by incorporating EASY FIX SCREEN REGISTRATION SYSTEM which won't only benefit printers to reduce their SETUP TIME, but additionally allows the printer to take the short run multicolour jobs to make more money.

Aside from this GRAFICATEX is sturdy and has a precision motion system to deliver accurate registration and provides repetition accuracy throughout the job.

In this video below, we've shown LIVE the way we set up a 6 colour job in only 6 to 7 mins. Should you see from starting, you'll know the way to first prepare the screens in such a manner in which the job sets up faster and accurate. However, if you wish to see the installation first on the device check our video after about 38 Mins. This video is in Hindi, so clients who don't know Hindi can even make out from the ACTIONS.

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