SPAI-FESPA 2017 Awards was professionally satisfying experience

SPAI-FESPA 2017 Awards was professionally satisfying experience

To me the recently concluded successful SPAI-FESPA 2017 Awards Nite on 14th September 2017 in Goa was a professionally satisfying experience.

As per my past experience, perhaps this is the first mega Awards competition ever held in India for screen printing which witnessed huge participation from small, medium and big printers.

Based on my international exposure such as FESPA, SGIA Awards, I must say that the entry samples received for SPAI-FESPA Awards were, by any standards, world-class. Even the judges were fascinated to see such innovative samples printed on numerous substrates such as paper, hand-made paper, plastic, acrylic, sunpack, sunboard, metal, sand, textile, etc. So, irrespective of whether they won or not, I must congratulate all the printers who had sent in their entries wholeheartedly (some of them first-timers) with a true spirit of competition. Thank you all the printers.

I must say that “PRODUCING award-winning jobs with creativity was indeed a big TASK. However, JUDGING such voluminous entries with eye for details is too big task IN JUST 2 DAYS (Over 400 entries under 15 categories)! So, the event would have never been successful without the tireless contribution of the most known experts from the printing fraternity, that is, the team of judges. The judges had to stay over-night to finish their judging task in 2 and half days.

So I thank my guru Michel Caza, for being one of the judges of SPAI- FESPA Awards'17. I also sincerely thank my other international friends and colleagues at ASDPT, who willingly accepted my invitation on behalf of SPAI, to be judges for the Awards. THANK you, Jacek Stencel, Artem Nadirashvili, and Bernard Banks, and thanks, of course, my friend, Kamlakar Wadekar who was also a judge for Awards.

Oh, I personally felt that 'competing' in Awards is easier than 'completing' all the necessary procedures, involved behind such a mega event! So, I must also place on records the good teamwork of my DMI students for their tireless efforts in completing all the tasks ahead of the competition and during the Gala Nite. I also thank GIPT's students who had spent more than ten days assisting our DMI team to complete all tasks, amidst their hectic studies.

This time we had also instituted several special awards for achievements in screen printing. We at SPAI felt that apart from the regular business of printing and winning awards, there were several entrepreneurs who have had a long stint in the screen printing industry but they deserved a pat on their backs.

Their achievements were hitherto gone unnoticed but SPAI has decided to honour them. I would also like to thank the entire SPAI Board for giving me an opportunity to organize the SPAI-FESPA Awards 2017 with a free hand to decide at different stages of the event.

Meanwhile, let us keep aside the business of Awards, but I must commend the 18 member team of NODA (National Organisation of Disabled Artists) for their enthralling music concert which gave solace to the participants.

I also thank Michel, Jacek, Artem and Bernard who visited DMI amidst their hectic travel plan to Goa. During their visit, they interacted with my DMI team and GIPT students and gave them some core tips and knowledge necessary for becoming good and successful printers.

Best of luck to everyone.

Bhargav Mistry

Photo Gallery - SPAI-FESPA Awards 2017 - Judges Visits Grafica & DMI

Photo Gallery - SPAI-FESPA Awards 2017 - Judging of Entries


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