Students of KCES's Spark Institute of Multimedia and Printing Technology visit DMI

Students of KCES's Spark Institute of Multimedia and Printing Technology visit DMI

On 23rd January 2017, 35 students along with 3 faculties from KCES's Spark Institute of Multimedia and Printing Technology, Jalgaon, visited DMI for a day's orientation programme on advanced screen printing.

In his brief presentation, Bhargav Mistry, Director of DMI, enlightened the students about the wide range of applications of the advanced screen printing process, contrary to the students' belief that screen printing is all about visiting cards, wedding cards and other petty commercial printing jobs.

To encourage the students, he gave tips on how to achieve success in the printing profession. All their technical questions were well answered by DMI's faculty, Shailesh Yeole and his colleagues, who conducted practical sessions, right from fabric stretching, screen washing, emulsion coating, screen exposing, stencil developing, screen printing and screen reclaiming.

“It was an excellent experience and a memorable day in our life,” said Prof. Sadhana Thatte while thanking Bhargav Mistry for his guidance. On behalf of the KCES's Spark Institute of Multimedia and Printing Technology, she presented a memento to Bhargav Mistry.

In her feedback she said:

“Education empowers women. Practical training such as DMI workshop increases her level of confidence and quality output. And DMI is the best institute for practical training in advanced screen printing. DMI has made a huge contribution to the screen printing world. Our students enjoyed interactive practical sessions. As an academician, I strongly believe that practical learning is very much necessary for students' academic excellence, vis, they can understand the theory with more clarity. Practical training like this gives a simple learning experience. I am personally impressed with DMI's workshop, albeit for just one day. Back in college, our students said that they were strongly got motivated by Bhargav sir's lecture.”


“I have heard a lot about DMI as an international institute backed by Grafica which is supposed to be a world-class screen printing machinery manufacturer. What I have heard was proved right when I visited DMI.” Pranjal Patil

“DMI's staffs were very friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed the day at DMI with great hospitality.” Nikita Sakhala

“It was altogether new experience in my career. Thanks for giving us such an experience.” Neha Baviskar

“I could practically see the advanced screen printing machines in action in comparison to the age-old manual screen printing.” Harshal Choudhari

“We saw the use of various modern chemicals in screen making and UV special effects for value addition on the packaging.” Priyanka Mahajan

“To my surprise, I saw how various advanced screen printing machines, screen making equipment and curing machines are handled so easily and carefully during continuous print production!” Puja Khaserao

“Wow, I saw 10 colour automatic garment printing machine in action and a pretty multi-colour t-shirt samples screen printed on Grafica machine.” Ruchita Sangire

“In our college, we have a 50 marks paper on screen printing, but here at DMI what we learnt is more than 50 marks.” Snehal Patil

“The knowledge gained here will be useful in my future career.” Gayatri More

“And now my interest in screen printing has gone upwards. I am eager to learn more about UV special effects and t-shirt printing.” Manisha Patil

“The learning atmosphere here was enjoyable and full of happiness.” Karishma Tapare

“I feel practical training like this is very necessary for our study.” Sujata Badgujar

“Advanced screen printing is an interesting subject in printing technology.” Nutan Mali

“It is important to have practical experience along with theoretical education in printing.” Diksa Patil

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